Along with a team of other Intramural Supervisors, a supervisor plans and implements an extensive intramural program for the entire college body from start to finish.

  • Each semester, plan and coordinate one to two large sports or multiple small sports.
    • Publicize the sport
    • Collect rosters and create a schedule
    • Train and schedule referees
    • Hold a tournament
    • Wrap up and evaluation
  • On-site supervising for sports in which you are not the main supervisor
    • Supervisors take turns working each night
  • Attend a weekly staff meeting
  • Maintain equipment, facilities and fields

It is not necessary a student knows how to do the above duties or even referee.  New supervisors take a smaller role in their first semester while learning the job.  It is crucial a person comes in with a positive attitude and a desire to work with a team.


  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Supervisor: LeRon Collier