The Georgetown College Honor System was initiated during the fall semester 2000. In a truly academic community, honor must be expected. Honor is an ideal that is evident in the lives of ethical scholars. Primarily, the funcion of the Honor System is to educate and instill a common purpose within the campus’ student community. The Honor System is an educational tool to assist the process of teaching morality and ethics. The Honor System helps create an environment that will assist in the development of the whole person by insisting upon honorable traits and behaviors. When there is an honor code violation (cheating, plagiarism, stealing, lying or double assignments), the Honor Council serves as an adjudicating body, deciding with regard to responsibility or non-responsibility and the appropriate sanction to be imposed. Time commitment is estimated to be less than ten hours per semester.


The Honor Council consists of nineteen members, twelve students (ten undergraduate and two graduate) and seven full-time faculty members. The Faculty members are approved by the Provost/Dean of the College. Every attempt will be made to have selected faculty members represent all five academic divisions. The students are selected to serve on the Honor Council by the Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students’ Office through the Emerging Leaders process.


Council members receive training for their responsibility from the offices of the Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students and Provost and Dean of the College.


Council members are expected to keep all matters pertaining to their service CONFIDENTIAL. A member should refrain from Honor System duties if there is personal knowledge of an incident or a relationship with persons involved in the matter exists. If this occurs, an alternate member will be chosen from the Honor Council members to serve the appropriate duties.

Supervisor: Jo Anna Fryman