The Georgetown Activities Council (GAC) is an organization designed with the intent to provide the Georgetown community with educational, cultural, entertaining, traditional, and social activities. GAC is focused on providing Georgetown students with an opportunity to foster unity and improve the community, all while creating their college experience.

Why apply for GAC Executive Council?

Serving on the GAC Executive Council gives you the chance to broaden your college experience and develop skills while planning fun and engaging events for students.

  • Develop excellent leadership skills
  • Improve communication, time-management, and teamwork skills
  • Gain knowledge that can be transferred to most jobs
  • Network with students, professionals, and performers

Requirements for all GAC Executive Council members:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 cumulative
  • In good academic and financial status with Georgetown College
  • Attends three-day GAC Executive Council retreat in August before classes begin
  • Attends weekly GAC Executive Council meeting and monthly GAC general meeting
  • Maintains office hours of at least five (5) hours a week
  • Completes a report each semester
  • Works cooperatively with other GAC members and the GAC Advisor
  • Represents GAC well by being
    • prompt, reliable, and professional at all GAC events
    • a positive catalyst for campus engagement among other students


 The President of the Georgetown Activities Council is responsible for the vision and operations of GAC while in office. The President supports and challenges the Executive Council to be creative and effective in order to engage as many Georgetown College students as possible. The President supervises the Vice President and Program Coordinators.

  • Assumes responsibility for the overall operation of GAC
  • Sets the vision for GAC for the year with the guidance of the GAC Advisor
  • Coordinates all trainings, retreats, conferences and leadership activities for GAC with the guidance of the GAC Advisor
  • Manages recruitment, retention, and recognition of GAC members
  • Participates in selection process of Marketing Director and Program Coordinators
  • Leads weekly GAC Executive Council meeting and monthly GAC general meeting
  • Meets with GAC advisor weekly
  • Meets with Vice President biweekly
  • Provides assistance at most GAC events

Vice President

 The Vice President is responsible for managing the GAC budget, producing minutes from all GAC meetings, and maintaining the GAC office. The Vice President supervises the Marketing Director, providing a vision for branding and promotion, as well as assessing marketing efforts. In the absence of the President, the Vice President assumes the President’s duties.

  • Creates and balances the GAC budget for the year with the guidance of the GAC Advisor
  • Maintains a binder with all expenses per event for the year
  • Records and distributes minutes for all GAC meetings
  • Maintains the GAC office and supply inventory
  • Tracks office hours of Executive Council
  • Meets with President bi-weekly
  • Meets with Marketing Director bi-weekly
  • Provides assistance at one or more GAC events per month

Marketing Director

 The Marketing Director is responsible for the branding of GAC and the promotion of all GAC events through creative and effective marketing. By promoting events in various and innovative ways, the Marketing Director ensures that students are aware of all GAC events. 

  • Serves as the point person for Executive Council members to start the publicity process
  • Recruits and maintains a Publicity Committee of a minimum of five (5) members
  • Meets regularly with Publicity Committee to coordinate and create effective publicity, including, but not limited to, posters, banners, social media posts, and street teams
  • Maintains digital records of publicity and designs
  • Conducts market research to determine effective marketing strategies
  • Maintains GAC social media accounts
  • Creates and implements strategies to increase social media presence, followers, and interaction
  • Maintains the GAC website
  • Selects promotional items for the year
  • Provides assistance at one or more GAC events per month

Program Coordinators (five positions)

The Program Coordinators are responsible for planning and executing a wide variety of creative and innovative campus programs, including all major GC traditions, to enhance the student experience for as many GC students as possible. The events organized by the Program Coordinators range from concerts to ski trips, bingo to GC traditions like Songfest and Finals Throwdown, tailgates to Movies on the Lawn, and more! 

  • Plans and executes all GAC events including coordinating event logistics, reserving venues, communicating with outside vendors, securing transportation, etc. while adhering to budget restrictions
  • Utilizes general GAC members to help with event execution and consistently recruits new volunteers
  • Creates spring programming calendar with input from the President, Vice President, and Marketing Director and with guidance from the GAC advisor
  • Works with Marketing Director to effectively promote events
  • Ensures that programs appeal to the student body by conducting surveys, focus groups, etc.
  • Maintains detailed records of events and evaluates each event through various assessment tools

Supervisor: Angela Earwood