Q: Where can I find the application for Emerging Leaders?

A: The application for Emerging Leaders is through the portal.  You can access it by clicking here or by going into portal, click Departments, click Student Life and click Emerging Leaders on the left side.

Q: I’ve clicked on the application but it says “The page you are looking for could not be found or you do not have permission to see it.”

A: You need to log-in to portal.

Q: How many positions can I potentially receive next year?

A: The Emerging Leaders process challenges students to go deeper into their leadership commitments rather than broad – so we only allow students to apply for up to 4 positions.  You do not have to apply for all 4.  If you only want to apply for 1 or 2 positions that is fine as well.  If you are selected for all four positions, you could potentially be selected for all four.  However, if some of your positions are in conflict with one another (i.e. Residence Life and Orientation) then you may only receive one of those positions.  See the individual position descriptions to the left to see if the position you are applying for has any conflicts.

Q: How do I sign up for an interview?

A: Go to the application process page and scroll down until you see a calendar.  Click on one 30-minute interview slot – log-in with Facebook or create a log-in account. You may get an email later saying your appointment has been confirmed.

Q: Is there a certain time I have to interview?

A: YES!  Your interview week is based on the positions you are applying for.  If you want to be considered for the following positions: Chapel Ministry Team Leader, Common Ground Team Leader, Rooted Coordinator, Rooted Worship Band Leader, First Year Family Groups Coordinators, Alternative Spring Break Coordinator, Chapel Ministry Coordinator, GAC President, GAC VP, Resident Director, and Orientation Coordinator you MUST interview during the first round of interviews.  If you are applying for other positions you can only interview during the following week in February.

NEW for 2016 – ALL INTERVIEWS WILL BE HELD OFF CAMPUS. Interviews will be held at the Weldon Building (217 Main Street, Georgetown, KY 40324). Street parking as well as 4 reserved spots behind the building will be available. Please plan accordingly when scheduling your interview.

Q: Where do I find the reference form?

A: The reference form is found through the portal or click here.  Copy this link and email it to your two references.  Ask your references to complete the online form by TBA.

Q: Do I need to submit a resume?

A: Yes!  You will need to submit a paper copy of your resume to the Student Life Office by February 5th.

Q: I’m studying abroad this semester – how do I participate in the Emerging Leaders process?

A: If you are studying abroad we will definitely work with you!  You will need to complete the online application form like normal.  Then rather than signing up for an interview online – email Chelsey directly to set up an interview time via Skype. Please email your resume to Chelsey.

Q: Are the workshops mandatory?

A: While the workshops are not necessarily mandatory – they are highly encouraged.  Attendance will be taken at each workshop.  These workshops are designed to give you skills and tools that will help you through the Emerging Leaders process.  Click here for a list of the workshop dates, times and locations.

Q: I accidentally submitted my application without completing it.  What do I do?

A: Email Chelsey Reid and she can edit your application for you.