Our Vision: What We Are Becoming

We are a community of love inviting others to learn the Way of Christ with us, growing deeper in our relationships with God and with each other, and conspiring for good by serving others with humble and courageous hearts.

Our Mission: What We Do Every Day to Live Into Our Vision

To grow deep relationships that encourage members of our campus family to BELONG, BELIEVE and BECOME faithful lovers of the Lord and of people. Our three core programming areas (weekly worship, discipleship groups, and Alternative Spring Break Service Trips) are the vehicles that connect people, foster growing relationships, and put faith into action for social justice.

First Year Family Group Parents

  • First Year Family Group Parents are responsible for leading weekly Bible studies along with a fellow upperclassman for a group of 6-12 freshmen.
  • Each parent is expected to spend at least 1-2 hours of preparation for each Bible study and attend weekly FFG parent meetings.
  • It is also expected that each parent will spend significant time with the family outside of weekly Bible studies which might take the form of family meals, family trips to church, etc.
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Common Ground Leadership Team

Time Commitment for the Common Ground Leadership Team:

Students who serve on the Common Ground Lead Team are committed to leading a ministry on campus in the year to come. Serving on this Team is an unpaid, high commitment level endeavor. As a member of the Team, you will not only have access to financial resources to help fund the ministry you lead, but you will also be encouraged towards deep discipleship that is 24/7 and that is not compartmentalized into one hour each week. At the bare minimum you should plan on spending at least 5 hours per week this year in intentional ministry leadership activities. These 5 hours include your weekly presence at Morning Prayer in the Prayer Room (at least one morning each week), Rooted (our Tuesday night student-led worship gathering), our weekly Common Ground Team meeting (which goes for about 90 minutes usually on Monday afternoons sometimes between 3-6pm), and one-on-one coaching from one of the Office of Faith and Service staff members. Once you are invited to serve on the Team, we will ask you all to decide together what other commitments you will expect from one another.

Descriptions of Roles for the Common Ground Leadership Team

The first six roles (noted with a *) must interview during the first week of interviews. These servant-leaders will be chosen first so that they can assist with the remainder of the selection process.

Common Ground Team Leader (*)

  • Serve as one of the primary spiritual leaders for the Common Ground Lead Team
  • Assist with leading morning prayer meetings in the Prayer Room in the Chapel basement
  • Work with the Office of Faith and Service staff to plan weekly team meetings and leadership retreats
  • Shepherd and care for each of the Lead Team members
  • Provide a bridge between Faith and Service staff and Lead Team members
  • Represent Common Ground on campus, in the community, and potentially at state events
  • Help to develop a vision for the ministry and assists in setting goals and a direction for the Team
  • Assist in leading the weekly Team meeting
  • Work with the Faith and Service Staff to hold the Leadership Team accountable for serving those on our campus who are not involved with Common Ground
  • Assist the Campus Minister with leading Chapel Ministry
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Rooted Coordinator (*)

  • Serve as the spiritual leader for the Rooted Team and the Rooted ministry overall
  • Work with the Rooted Worship Band Leader, the Assistant Rooted Coordinators and the Rooted Team to plan weekly Tuesday night worship gatherings
  • With the Office of Faith and Service staff, develop semester themes and teaching topics
  • Recruit students to serve on the Rooted Team
  • Plan and carry out the weekly Rooted Team planning meeting (typically held Thursdays around 4pm)
  • Represent Rooted on campus, in the community, and possibly at state events
  • Help the Campus Minister to connect with local churches, inviting them to host Rooted on a Tuesday night
  • Communicate with the Publicity Leader to make sure that relevant Rooted events are appropriately publicized
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Rooted Worship Band Leader (*)

  • Serve as the spiritual leader for the Rooted Band
  • Plan the music for Rooted, our weekly student-led worship and fellowship gathering, with the help of a student team and in consideration of the feedback of the campus community
  • Provide organizing leadership for the Rooted band, including organizing a weekly band practice
  • Recruit students to help lead worship and prayer experiences, among other things, during Rooted
  • Invite students with gifts for creative ministries (spoken word, liturgical dance, etc.) to participate in Rooted
  • Promote Rooted activities to the campus community
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

First Year Family Groups Coordinators (*)

  • Serve as the spiritual leaders for the First Year Family Group (FFG) ministry
  • Assist with the selection of pairing of upperclassmen who will mentor and spiritually invest in first year students
  • With the Office of Faith and Service staff, select small group study material and equips upperclassmen to lead their small groups through a weekly meeting and some one-on-one mentoring
  • Plan fellowship and training opportunities for parents, including a parent training meeting at the start of the fall semester
  • Network first year students into other programs of the Office of Faith and Service
  • Help to organize and lead the Fall Retreat, which generally occurs in September and involves kicking off both first year and upperclassmen ministries
  • Assist the Faith and Service staff with identification of prospects for next year’s Emerging Leader process
  • Communicate with the Publicity Leader to make sure that relevant FFG events are appropriately publicized
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

 Alternative Spring Break Trip Coordinator (*)

  • Oversee planning, publicizing, and forming of Alternative Spring Break trips (trips for the following Spring Break need to be identified and solidified by September of the previous year)
  • Help the Office of Faith and Service staff to lead the pre-trip planning meetings in January, February and early March
  • Recruit students to serve as trip leaders for various Alternative Spring Break trips
  • Plan commissioning services for spring break and summer missionaries
  • Find ways to solicit prayer support for our mission efforts
  • Research which students on campus will be serving as a summer missionary/Christian camp worker and create a list with the names of each one so that we can pray for them throughout the summer
  • Communicate with the Publicity Leader to make sure that relevant Alternative Spring Break events are appropriately publicized
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Chapel Ministry Coordinator (*)

  • Help the Office of Faith and Service staff to plan out and to lead the approximately twelve Tuesday morning at 11AM Chapel services that take place over the course of the school year
  • Recruit students, staff, and faculty to help lead Chapel worship by sharing stories about their faith and their walk with God during the service
  • Assist with preparing and operating media projection for each service
  • Recruit students to help take up the offering for services when collected
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Rooted – Assistant Coordinator for Hospitality

  • Help to make sure that the folks involved with Rooted are extending the deep welcome of God to each and every person who walks through the door.
  • Recruit and train greeters who would welcome people as they entered the Student Center for Rooted and who would stand at the doors thanking them for coming at the conclusion
  • Welcome any guest speakers and/or guests from local churches who come to Rooted on a given night
  • Encourage any student who is worshiping at Rooted for the first time fills out a Connect Card (with their contact info) – both you and then a Common Ground staff person would follow up with an email or a phone call thanking them for coming
  • Helping (in conversation with Common Ground staff) to take care of the food and beverages for Rooted each week
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Rooted – Assistant Coordinator for Publicity

  • Publicize Rooted each week through six different means of advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Table Tents, Sandwich Board, word of mouth)
  • Administer and updating the Rooted Facebook page
  • Prepare the Rooted sandwich board each week, ensure it gets put out in front of the Caf each Tuesday morning and that it is put up each Tuesday night
  • Submit Rooted information to Table Tents each week
  • Receive requests each week from various students about announcements that need to be made at Common Ground AND recruiting students to make those announcements
  • Report weekly Rooted attendance to the Office of Faith and Service staff each week
  • Create the Rooted weekly each week and any publicity banners that your team might choose to do for Rooted
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Rooted Worship Band Member

  • Commit to helping to lead worship through music during Rooted most Tuesday nights of the school year
  • Practice with the Rooted Band each week before Tuesday night
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

First Year Family Groups – Assistant Coordinators

  • Provide leadership for the Wednesday night FFG meeting by doing announcements and by taking attendance from each FFG
  • Report FFG attendance to the Common Ground staff each week
  • Help to plan the Common Ground Fall Retreat
  • Plan and carry out events like the FFG Scavenger Hunt, the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party, and any FFG fundraisers like Feed My Pig
  • Promotes Common Ground activities to the campus community
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Alternative Spring Break Trip Leader

  • Serve as the Student Leader for an Alternative Spring Break trip
  • Help to plan, publicize, recruit for, and lead an Alternative Spring Break trip
  • Includes testimonies and missions emphases at Rooted, Chapel services and other campus venues
  • Help plan a commissioning service for our Alternative Spring Break trips
  • Finds ways to solicit prayer support for our service efforts
  • 2.5 minimum GPA

Publicity Leader

  • Solicit information from Leadership Team members and others involved in Common Ground regarding events and items needing to be publicized
  • Regularly publicize Common Ground groups and events to the campus community through seven means of communication (Table Tents, Twitter, Common Ground/Rooted Facebook Pages, email, sidewalk chalk, fliers, and word of mouth)
  • Keep an updated calendar of Common Ground events and transfers that information for inclusion on the campus’s Master Calendar and on the Common Ground Facebook page
  • Recruit others to assist in fulfilling the following responsibilities:
  • Creating and distributing “The Throne”
  •  Maintaining and updating the Common Ground Facebook page
  •  Producing posters, banners, and other publicity tools for events of Common Ground as necessary
  •  Conveying news-worthy information and stories to our campus P.R. Department and the Georgetonian
  •  2.5 minimum GPA


Supervisor: Bryan Langlands & Elizabeth Catron