Campus to Church Ministry Team Leader (3 openings)

  • Meet monthly with the Ministry Team Coordinator (Andrew Noe) and the other two Team Leaders for 30 minutes.
  • Lead a ministry team to, from, and during a church outing. If Andrew is there he will be in a support role
  • The approximate time commitment for being a Ministry Team Leader is 4-5 hours per month.
  • Note: Andrew will set up with churches dates, locations, and times for Ministry Team outings.


Campus to Church Ministry Team Member (15 openings)

  • Be willing to visit 2-3 churches a month on either a Sunday or a Wednesday and help lead in teaching the lesson to children, youth, or adults.
  • The approximate time commitment for being on this Team is 3-4 hours per month.
  • Note: If you are already on the Ministry Team there is no need to reapply

Staff Supervisor: 
Andrew Noe



The Ministry Team is a group of ministry minded students who want to help serve in the local church. Each semester we will set up visits (Sundays or Wednesday typically) to local churches where we will teach children, youth, and adults. We might also be called on to help run different events like Lock-Ins, Block Parties, or Retreats.



There will be a one hour meeting at the beginning of each semester where the lessons for the year will be handed out and discussed.


Back Ground Check

All members of the Ministry Teams must pass a background check in order to work with minors. This helps us assure the churches of who we are sending their way.