The student representatives to the Board of Trustees are composed of 5 student members, one of which is the SGA President. Students typically attend a sub-committee meeting on Friday afternoon and then attend the full Board meeting Saturday morning.  Once selected for the Board, students will be placed on a sub-committee.  Students are expected to attend every meeting.  The selected students are representatives for the entire student body to the Board of Trustees.  Their opinions may be asked but there may also be times a student needs to be prepared to offer their input.

Students must attend the four Board of Trustee meetings, scheduled for:

  • August 22-23
  • October 24-25
  • January 23-24
  • April 24-25

Students also attend monthly SGA General Assemblies and give a report on the past meeting.

A total of 4 students will be selected for this position.


Must have 24 credit hours by beginning of Fall Semester, 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA, in good standing (academically and socially)


Students selected to serve on the Board will be expected to attend a 1 hour training session prior to the first board meeting.

Supervisor: SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs & Laura Wyly, SGA Advisor