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Countdown to Finals: 9 days!

Where did November go? And if we are going to ask that question, what happened to September and October as well? As a student I saw the fall semester as a slide you would find on a playground. Up until Thanksgiving break you struggle and climb to make your way to the top of […]

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Spring Break is just around the corner!

Every year, Campus Ministry at Georgetown College sponsors several Alternative Spring Break Trips. These trips are designed to provide opportunities for students to leave their comfort-zones for a week by traveling somewhere to serve and to learn from the community who hosts us. In the past few years, we have taken teams: to Camden, […]

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Who’s the next Emerging Leader? YOU!

By now, hopefully you’ve realized all the ways you can get involved here at Georgetown!  Maybe you’ve been active in Freshman Family Groups or maybe you attended a Directions trip, or like many Georgetown students, you have developed a love for intramurals.  It is our hope that you’ve found an opportunity to get plugged-in […]

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GC’s going GREEN!

Many students, faculty and staff are concerned about our environment and the impact we can have on it. In response, we’ve really kicked up our sustainability efforts in the past few years here on campus. So here are a few helpful hints about what you can get involved and go green:

Reduce: The best treatment […]

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It’s that time! Scheduling classes for Spring 2012!

Advising for the spring semester occurs October 31-November 11th and actual registration (when students select the open classes) occurs on November 14-17. Many of you might be nervous about what classes to select. Most first-year students will need to take FDN112 and ENG112 in the spring semester, so that leaves you with some room […]

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Graves Center for Calling & Career: Your Next Stop to SUCCESS

Have there been times that you have asked yourself, “What will I do with my life after Georgetown?” I know when I was a student at Georgetown College there were times that I wasn’t sure what I would be doing after I graduated. I am thankful to have gone to our College—a place that […]

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PARKING and everything else you need to know!

Parking on GC’s campus is a simple issue that in my opinion sometimes gets blown out of proportion. Let’s look at some perks quickly: You’ll never have to park miles from where you live and go to class. You’ll pay far less than you would at a large institution. *Story time, when I was […]

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Study Abroad: A Student’s Perspective

Meet Portia Watson – she is one of the many students here at Georgetown College that chose to take advantage of studying abroad. She was asked a few questions about her experience. See what she has to say.
When did you decide that you wanted to study abroad?
I knew I wanted to study abroad before […]

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Get Your Passport Ready!

One of the great things about coming to college is the opportunity to take advantage of things that are truly “once in a lifetime” opportunities.  Being at a small liberal arts college, your opportunities are even broader.  Want to be a pre-med major but minor in art?  No problem!  Want to be an English/Creative […]

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Georgetown offers Accountability!

As a member of the Georgetown College community, you (as a student) are expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

Here is a link to that information:

This Code of Conduct provides a framework that should guide your decision making. As a student, you should act responsibly because your choices impact yourself and can […]

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