By now, hopefully you’ve realized all the ways you can get involved here at Georgetown!  Maybe you’ve been active in Freshman Family Groups or maybe you attended a Directions trip, or like many Georgetown students, you have developed a love for intramurals.  It is our hope that you’ve found an opportunity to get plugged-in and to get involved with a variety of campus organizations.  However… it doesn’t stop there!

At Georgetown, we offer opportunities and experiences for you to step-up, do more and lead.  In order to get into this next level of involvement we have a program called Emerging Leaders.

Why should you consider Emerging Leaders?  Well, when you graduate from Georgetown you’re going to have an amazing education!  However, your future graduate school acceptance committees and future employers also want to see some tangible skills!  They want to know how you’ve lead other people, how you have initiated change, how you have supported others, and how you’ve worked on a team.  In the real-world, you’re going to be in charge of a work team, you’re going to plan events, you’re going to supervise individuals, and you’re going to be responsible for a group. Taking on a leadership position here at Georgetown will prepare you with real experiences that you can learn from, and gain those vital skills.

So what exactly is Emerging Leaders? This is a program developed to help students attain a variety of leadership positions on campus. These positions include:

  • Orientation Leader
  • Freshman Family Group Parent,
  • Chapel Leadership Team Member
  • President’s Ambassador
  • Judicial Board Member
  • Resident Advisor
  • Peer Educator
  • Directions Peer Leader
  • Intramural Supervisor
  • And more!

Now… this program does more than just connect you to these positions. Emerging Leaders offers workshops and sessions to prepare and develop you for this process. We will offer resume workshops and help you revise your resume before submission. Emerging Leaders will also offer workshops on interview skills and how to make you marketable.  This way regardless of the outcome, if you get a position or not, you will leave the program with necessary skills that you will need for the future!

The Emerging Leaders process occurs in the spring, during the month of February.  On February 9th, we will have a drop-in session in the Hall of Fame room for students to come in and ask questions about the different positions offered through Emerging Leaders.  Applications will go live that day, Feb. 9th online.  Workshops on resumes and interview skills will be scheduled throughout the month of February.

Keep your eyes and ears open in the spring for your time to step up into these great leadership opportunities!!  For more information about the positions offered through Emerging Leaders and more information about the process, visit our website here.

Feel free to contact me for more information. We’re looking forward to seeing the newest class of Georgetown leaders take their involvement to the next level!  Will you be one of the emerging leaders?

Jesse Hines is a 2009 graduate of Georgetown College. Currently, she serves as the Resident Director for East Campus and the Area Coordinator for Leadership Development.