Many students, faculty and staff are concerned about our environment and the impact we can have on it. In response, we’ve really kicked up our sustainability efforts in the past few years here on campus. So here are a few helpful hints about what you can get involved and go green:

  • Reduce: The best treatment is prevention. By choosing to use fewer resources it means less to end up in the trash, down a stream or in the air. Whether its the number of napkins you use in the grille or the time you spend cleaning your belly button in the shower, there are many small ways to decrease your impact. Heck, just make sure you turn off your TV and lights when you leave your room!
  • Recycling: We have paper, plastic and aluminum recycling bins in academic buildings and residence halls. Our awesome Building Services and Grounds staff collects the recycled materials and drop them off at the Georgetown Recycling Center. So what can you do? All that paper from class you don’t need put it in the bin. Done with your Pepsi from the CStore? Drop it in one of those huge bottle recycling bins!
  • Composting: A group of dedicated students (part of the Campus Ministry Creation Care team) collect pre-cooked food waste from the Caf and take it to East Campus where we have compost bins. The idea is to take the waste from food that would go in a landfill and use it to create compost for gardening instead! If you’d like to help drive the truck that loads the food to East contact Bryan Langlands (plus you get to learn to drive stick).
  • Community Garden and Orchard: During spring, summer and early fall the garden provides lots of produce that we’re able to take to the Amen House and local food pantry. In the next few years the orchard will expand and provide lots of fantastic fruit! Many classes and student groups help out at the garden throughout the year. Or just swing by on a nice day and enjoy the rocking chairs – it’s a great place to read or study if you like being outside! The garden was started in 2010 and is located on Jackson Street in between the McCandless House and the Business Building. If you’re interested in getting involved with the garden contact Dr. Homer White, or Bryan Langlands.
  • Other ways to be sustainable as a college student:
    • Remember the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. Try to do it in that order.
    • Carpool, or if your destination is close by walk!
    • Take the GC sustainability pledge (Link provided soon)
    • Limit your shower to 5 minutes (a 10 minute hot shower can generate as much as 4 pounds of CO2)
    • Purchase Energy Star products
    • Shop (and donate) at places like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity ReStore (It is a great way to furnish their rooms in a more sustainable way with low-cost furnishings.  It is also a great place to donate items that students don’t want to pack and take back home at the end of each year).

Helpful Sustainability Links:
Sustainability at Georgetown College
Blue Grass Pride – A non-profit dedicated to providing environmental resources and information.