Meet Portia Watson – she is one of the many students here at Georgetown College that chose to take advantage of studying abroad. She was asked a few questions about her experience. See what she has to say.

When did you decide that you wanted to study abroad?

I knew I wanted to study abroad before college — that was one of the selling factors of Georgetown for me.

What programs were you interested in?

At first, I was interested in the Oxford program, but as time progressed and I had my interview with the president of Regents Park, I knew Oxford wasn’t the study abroad experience for me. That lead me to look into programs in Greece and London.

What program did you select and what made you select that particular one?

Primarily, I chose a program in Thessaloniki, Greece. While I was away at camp for the summer, however, I found out that Greece wasn’t the safest place for me to go, considering the country’s bankruptcy. There had been lots of riots in the bigger cities, and tourists were advised not to travel there. So, about one month before I would depart for the fall semester, I switched to a program in London, England (at Kingston University). London was attractive for several reasons: not only is English the common language, but London is a beautiful city bustling with things to do. It is also a hub for literature and art — two things I am studying.

What is one thing you would share with other students who may be contemplating study abroad?

I would say, “Go for it.” There is nothing better than putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. You will grow in ways unimaginable, and hopefully be inspired by the beauty of the world and its people. No matter what culture you choose to immerse yourself in, you will find that the people of the world are essentially the same. It’s a beautiful experience! You might as well do it while you have the opportunity.