Advising for the spring semester occurs October 31-November 11th and actual registration (when students select the open classes) occurs on November 14-17. Many of you might be nervous about what classes to select. Most first-year students will need to take FDN112 and ENG112 in the spring semester, so that leaves you with some room to select about three more classes. Also, freshmen need to make sure they take a math course in their first three semesters. This is another option for another course to sign up for.

If need help with deciding on what to major in, our Calling and Career Center can help. Simply visit here for more information. You can visit your academic advisor to help you think through career options. We also have some resources on our advising web-site that can show you a four-year plan for a specific major or the requirements for the Foundations and Core program – click here.

Finding a major is a common concern for new students. However, we don’t want you to get stressed about this. We have plenty of resources to help you SURVIVE! Don’t be nervous and take advantage of them! We want to help you be happy here at Georgetown College.

Dr. Gretchen Lohman is the Associate Dean of Academic Enhancement.