As many have mentioned in previous posts, there are lots of great things about Georgetown that make it stand out among the rest. One of these things is that the faculty are truly on your side and genuinely want you to be successful.

One specific way they help students out is by providing Academic Progress Checks. There are many changes from high school to college, and possibly one of the scariest is going from several grades in one semester to maybe just 3 or 4. This leaves students in the dark about how they are doing in a class; however, there are two points in the semester when Academic Progress Checks (also known as Early Warning Reports) go out. This year those two dates are September 29th and October 27th. The students who will receive these are the ones who need a little boost in their academic performance. These reports are sent out electronically to students who might:

  • Need to contribute more to classroom discussions and activities
  • Need to attend class
  • Need to complete classroom preparation work such as reading and homework
  • Need to seek assistance from his/her professor and sign up for tutoring due to low quiz/test grades
  • Need to attend the laboratory portion and/or seek assistance due to low quiz/test grades

If you receive a progress check, do not start worrying just yet. It is just a sign you need to pick up your game and utilize some of the many academic resources that this college has to offer!

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Career Counseling

Dr. Gretchen Lohman is the Associate Dean of Academic Enhancement.