Dr. Gretchen Lohman-Dean for Academic Enhancement

  • Gretchen LohmanHow long have you been at GC? Started in 1995
  • What exactly do you do? I help students with advising and academic concerns and parents with student’s academic and emergency concerns. For example: my daughter has mono and I’m not sure who to contact.
  • What superpower would you have? Teleport – to see my friends and family.
  • What is your favorite:
    • TV show? Cake Boss
    • Book/Music? Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crocket Johnson (it is a Children’s book which I read millions of times each year to my kids!)
    • Georgetown Restaurant? The Thai restaurant
  • Bio/Educational Background: I started at Georgetown College in 1995 after I finished my Master’s degree from The University of Iowa. Initially, I worked as the Director of Residence Life and Programming for four years and then after I returned from completing my doctorate (I took a leave of absence for three years), I served as the Interim Dean of Students for one year. Knowing that I wanted to begin a family, I moved into the Dean for Academic Enhancement position and was blessed with two loving and adorable children – Maya and Sean. I’m sure you will see them around Georgetown College because they love to eat in the café and come to see where mommy and daddy work. Oh, one more thing, my husband, James Koeppe, also works at Georgetown College as an Associate Dean in Student Life (he runs the Directions programs in the summer, Intramurals, and Leadership activities like student government). Well, I hope to meet you in person if I haven’t already! Welcome!

Ms. Faith N. Cracraft—Associate Director for Academic Enhancement

  • Faith N. CracraftHow long have you been at GC? I have been at Georgetown since August 16, 2005.  I moved in to become the RD of Knight Hall 10 days before freshman did!
  • What exactly do you do? I coordinate many of the Academic Support programs for students including our tutoring program, Freshman Seminar and our new initiative this year, Woven. I also serve as an Academic Success Coach for students needing one-on-one academic support.
  • What superpower would you have? I would love to be able to have teleportation powers and see family and friends more often as well as travel. I love to travel, but it’s expensive, so to be able to jet to Europe for dinner one night would be awesome!
  • What is your favorite:
    • TV show? I absolutely LOVE Friday Night Lights—about so much more than just football!
    • Book/Music? Anything by Donald Miller and I’m really digging Adele right now—plus she’s a Red-Head!
    • Georgetown Restaurant? Fava’s—I love that there are so many regulars and familiar faces seen around that place. The Western Omelet is my favorite!
  • Bio/Educational Background: I started my journey into working with college students at Lee University in Cleveland, TN.  After graduating with a degree in Communications, I pursued an opportunity there as a Resident Director and graduated with my M.A. in Youth and Family Ministry in 2005. After my first semester in that role as an RD, I knew I had truly found my calling working with college students! I had always loved school, but never saw myself as a traditional teacher. After graduate school, I moved to Kentucky to work at Georgetown and become the Area Coordinator in Knight Hall and served there for three years. I was very fortunate to transition into my current role in Academic Enhancement in 2008 giving me a new opportunity to help students in a different and fulfilling way. During this time, I also met and married my husband, Lewie, and we have since purchased an 1800’s foursquare house in Paris, KY that we are renovating. I am so glad you are here and hope that I can assist you in your transition to college!

Ms. Angela B. Taylor—Associate Dean of Students/Director of Greek Life & Student Accountability

  • Angela TaylorHow long have you been at GC? I have been a staff member at Georgetown College since July 1, 2006. I also graduated from GC in May 2003.
  • What exactly do you do? I have an exciting position as I have the opportunity to work with lots of students, faculty, and staff. While my day changes depending on the time of the year or on what needs to be done, you can always find me working alongside students to plan an event, overcome a challenge, or help them find the resources they need. Some of my responsibilities at GC are to plan New Student Orientation, work with our fraternity & sorority members, oversee our student accountability process, and serve as the advisor to our Commuter Student Club. Feel free to stop on by my office (3rd floor of the Cralle Student Center) if you have any questions or just want to talk!
  • What superpower would you have? The ability to FLY—I could see more of the world!
  • What is your favorite:
    • TV show? Food Network Star
    • Book/Music? Nickel Creek
    • Georgetown Restaurant? Upbeat (great coffee and food)
  • Bio/Educational Background: As a graduate of Georgetown College, I am excited you have chosen GC as your home for the next four years. After graduating in 2003, I traveled for a year as a Leadership Consultant with Greek Life and then decided to begin a Masters in College Student Personnel Services at the University of Louisville. In 2006, I completed my Masters and began work at Georgetown College as the Area Coordinator for Greek Life. After that position, I have served the college in various roles including Associate Director of Greek Life & Student Activities, Director of Greek Life & Judicial Affairs, as well as my current position of Associate Dean of Students/Director of Greek Life & Student Accountability. I love what I do. And, I love working with students just like you! I currently am a student too, completing my dissertation from the University of Louisville. I am around a lot…you will find me in the Caf, Mulberry, walking across campus, or attending a student activities event. I hope we have an opportunity to meet, oh, and one more thing…If you ever miss you family pet, let me know. I have a fun-loving, high energy 3-year Lab-mix, Pepper, at home. You can stop on by and meet Pepper as well as my husband, Steve. He and I lived on or near campus for a number of years and enjoy having students to our home for meals. Again, welcome to GC!!

Ms. Ashley Babladelis—Area Coordinator for Campus Ministry/Resident Director of Knight Hall

  • Ashley BabladelisHow long have you been at GC? I started as a first year student in August of 2004, I graduated in May of 2008 and came back to work as an Area Coordinator in the Summer of 2010
  • What exactly do you do? My days look very different depending on the time of year and what’s going on around campus. My primary role is to support students—sometimes that mean we eat lunch together or I check in if they have some type of crisis. I also supervise the Residence Life Staff in Knight Hall and a few other buildings on campus. I work in Campus Ministry with Bryan Langlands. I oversee our first year ministry programs, Freshman Family Groups and our Leadership Exploration Team (in the spring). I help with Common Ground our weekly worship service and other random projects we have going on. I have a lot of fun on a daily basis; I love when students stop by and visit me in my office, inside the campus ministry lounge in the basement of the chapel.
  • What superpower would you have? When I was little I hoped and prayed that I could have the ability to talk to animals. I know it’s not a typical superpower but if I had animals on my side in times of trouble, I’d be good to go!
  • What is your favorite:
    • TV show? I LOVE the show Modern Family. It is hilarious and Phil Dunphy constantly reminds me of my husband.
    • Book/Music? Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I’m currently loving Mumford and Sons and Ingrid Michaelson
    • Georgetown Restaurant? I love the Thai Restaurant, Thai Garden. I also love Fava’s ice cream!
  • Bio/Educational Background: Welcome New Tigers! I am originally from Greensboro, North Carolina but grew up in Naperville, IL outside of Chicago. I graduated from Georgetown College and was grateful for the opportunity to return and join a team of professionals committed to supporting students. I majored in Psychology and was very involved with Residence Life as a student. I completed her M.S. in Counseling with a focus in College Counseling and Student Development at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I enjoy working with students at Georgetown in my dual roles with Residence Life and Campus Ministry.  I serve as the Resident Director of Knight Hall and supervise student staff in several other residence halls on campus. You might see me walking around campus with Nick, my husband. We’ve been married for 3 years.

Mr. Ticha Chikuni—Area Coordinator for Student Activities/Resident Director of Anderson Hall

  • Ticha ChikunaHow long have you been at GC? Started in 2008
  • What exactly do you do? I serve as the Resident Director for Anderson Hall which houses over 150 first year men and my goal is to make sure they are doing well inside and outside the classroom. At different times I help students rehearse a class speech, play flag football, or talk life with the freshmen. While I enjoy hanging out with the guys, I also advise Georgetown Activities Council which is led by amazing students who strive to offer great events throughout the year! I have a great interest in mentoring young men seeking to become better individuals and I advise our new (Men Achieving Leadership and Engagement) M.A.L.E 8 program.
  • What superpower would you have? Energy Sourcing-This way we could save the environment and drive Solar Powered cars.
  • What is your favorite:
    • TV show: The Office
    • Book: Growing Slowly Wise by David Roper.
    • Music: Jimmy Eat World, Keith Urban Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, Lifehouse, Dave Matthews-I have seen all these in concert!
    • Georgetown Restaurant? Lock and Key
  • Bio/Educational Background: I started my educational adventure at Hazard Community College in Breathitt County and that experience gave me the confidence to pursue a 4-year degree at Eastern Kentucky University. I know a bunch of counties in Kentucky too!! It was at EKU that I formed many relationships in the classroom with professors and with other students as Resident Assistant for a freshmen residence hall. I also played varsity tennis at EKU and that experience offered me the chance to learn the value of teamwork and developing school pride. That is one of the main reasons I love working with freshmen and help them navigate their way through college. I eventually earned my MBA degree in 2008 and that summer I came to Georgetown. Running is one of my favorite hobbies so you may see me racing on the streets of Georgetown (Let me know if you want to run a couple of miles). I advise Student Activities which aims to offer many free exciting events mostly on the weekends. One of my other interests is mentoring young men and helping them become well rounded in many aspects of life. I LOVE GC Athletics and you will see me at games in face paint or random “Orange and Black” outfits. Just this summer, I got on one knee and become engaged the smart, funny, and beautiful love of my life. This my friends is my girl: Stella Harville. We are on cloud 9000!!! Finally, I am thankful you are here, I am blessed to serve you this year, and Go Tigers!

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