Fayette County Innovations for Learning Presentation

Yes You Can – An Easy Way to Integrate Robotics into Any Curriculum

Documents from Camps may be downloaded free of charge. If you use these for your camps or classes, please acknowledge the source. The Lesson Plans are rough drafts and may have changed during the actual camp.

The lesson plans were originally created by

Dr. Andrea C. Peach, Ed.D.
Professor of Education
Georgetown College
Georgetown, KY 40324

The final lesson plans and presentations were part of a group project based on curriculum originally designed by Dr. Andrea Peach. The individuals who created the presentations are listed on the first slide.

ROBOT CAMP 2016 Curriculum and Presentations

ROBOT CAMP 2013 Curriculum and Presentations


Robot Camp 2012 Curriculum and Presentations

Robot Camp 2011 Curriculum and Presentations