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Christian Identity Statement of Georgetown College

Built on a Baptist foundation, Georgetown College pursues and cultivates a knowledge of and commitment to the Christian faith.  Faculty, staff and students are called to embrace their role in our community, which is characterized by God’s redemptive grace for all people and traditions.  Georgetown College promotes excellence as a means of discovering the truth about ourselves, our world, and God through the integration of mind, body, and spirit.  Committed to faith in God, the College encourages all to discern their mission and vocation in order to lead active and productive lives as exemplified in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Religious Life Team of Leaders and Servants

Elizabeth Catron, Administrative Assistant for Religious Life
14 Hill Chapel, 502-863-7971

Roger Ward, Interim Director of Marshall Center for Christian Ministry
308 Pawling Hall, 502-863-8080

Bryan Langlands, Campus Minister
8 Hill Chapel, 502-863-8153

ElBonita Hawkins, Campus Ministry Area Coordinator
5b Hill Chapel, 502-863-8154

Ernie Heavin, Volunteer Chaplain to the Staff
LRC, 502-863-8413