How to Request an Official Transcript

By law a written request, with your signature, is necessary in order to receive a transcript. You can request a transcript in four ways:

  1. You can come in-person to our office and complete and sign a Transcript Request Form, available at our counter. Plan to pay for the transcripts ($5.00 per copy) by cash or check when making your request. Please note: Transcripts are not supplied immediately. There is some processing time, usually two to three days, necessary to clear and print a transcript.
  2. You can order online, using a credit or debit card, through the Student Clearinghouse website. A $2.25 servicing fee is added when you order online.
  3. You can send a written request, with your signature, by mail to our office. Download our Transcript Request Form and mail it with payment to our office at:   Registrar’s Office, Georgetown College, 400 East College Street, Georgetown, KY 40324
  4. The following information should be included in your mailed Transcript Request:
    • Include Maiden Name if your name has changed
    • Specify whether you need transcripts for Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, or both.
    • Provide the address(es) where you desire your transcript(s) to be mailed.
    • Provide your Social Security number and your birth date as identifiers.
    • Specify how many transcripts you desire.
    • Make certain you sign your request in order to give us permission to release your records.
    • Enclose a check or money order to Georgetown College for the amount of $5.00 for each copy you are requesting.

Financial Holds

A financial hold in the College system, will prohibit our office from providing a transcript. Please check with the Business Office at 502-863-8021.

Other Transcript Conditions

The Office of the Registrar cannot accept the following in requesting an Official Transcript:

  • Telephone Requests for a transcript
  • Fax Requests for a transcript
  • Email Requests for a transcript
  • Please Note: Asking for grades or other academic information via telephone, fax, or email is prohibited also.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are in a different format than Official Transcripts, do not have the college seal, and may not be accepted for many official purposes.  If you are requesting an unofficial transcript by mail, you will need to provide the same information needed for an Official Transcript (stated in #4 above) but the charge is only $1.00 to cover postage costs.

Processing Time for Transcripts

The normal processing time for transcripts is two to three days. They are not produced on the spot. During peak activity times at the college (the beginning of term, registration, end of term, summer new student workshops, and graduation) it will take longer than normal to process a transcript.

Picking up a Transcript

Transcripts may be picked up provided you indicate on your request that you wish to do so. Please call (502) 863-8024 to arrange a pickup time.  (As noted above, remember you cannot request a transcript over the phone.)

If someone else is coming to pick up a transcript for you, you must state this on any transcript request and specify the person’s name. A Photo ID is required of you or someone else designated by you, to pick up a transcript. No exceptions will be allowed.