When to Change?

During the second year, students are encouraged to change to an advisor in their major field of study.

When NOT to Change?

Your registration materials are mailed to your advisor prior to Advising. You may change advisors up to two weeks prior to Advising and then after Registration has taken place. Check your Orange Calendar for these dates.

How to Change?

  1. Pick up the Student Request For Advisor Change Form from the Registrar’s Office or download and print the form.
  2. Take this form to a faculty advisor of your choice to see if he/she could become your new advisor. Have him/her sign below.
  3. Next, take this form to your current advisor to pick up your yellow advising folder. Have him/her sign below.
  4. Take your yellow advising folder to your new advisor.
  5. Bring this Advisor Change Form to the Registrar’s Office for computer entry.