Quality Points are awarded according to the grade received in a course. With a grade of A, the student is given 4 quality points; AB, 3.5 quality points; B, 3 quality points; BC, 2.5 quality points; C, 2 quality points; D, 1 quality point; F, 0 quality points.

The quality points for each grade are then multiplied by the number of credit hours for each course. If a course is 3 semester hours this equates to 3 quality hours.

Quality Hours for each course for the semester are added to get a total number of quality hours. The total number of quality points are then divided by the total number of semester quality hours. See the example below:

CourseCredit HrsQuality HrsGradeValueQuality Pts
HIS1113 hrs.= 3 hrsXA= 4=12 pts.
KHS1001 hr= 1 hr.XC= 2=2 pts.
BIO2544 hrs.= 4 hrs.XB= 3=12 pts.
EDU1312 hrs.= 2 hrs.XD= 2=2 pts.
SPA1023 hrs.= 3 hrs.XF= 0=0 pts.
MUS106.5 hrs.=.5 hrs.XB= 3=1.5 pts
13.5 hrs.29.5 hrs.
29.5 Total Quality Points divided by 13.5 Total Quality Hours = 2.185

Grades Not Calculating

Please Note: The following courses will not calculate into your cumulative gpa: transfer courses from another college, credit from CLEP, credit from AP, courses taken with a grade of P (pass), X (incomplete), I (incomplete), WP (withdrawal passing) or AU (audit). Note that a grade of F for Pass/Fail or WF (withdrawal failing) does calculate in the gpa as an F.

Using a Transcript

If you are viewing your Georgetown College transcript, the Attempted, Earned, and Pass categories are not used in calculating gpa. Only the categories of Quality (quality hours) and Points (quality points) are used in calculating.

GPA Calculator

(These comments relate to the Calculator) When you click the following link to calculate your term or cumulative gpa, please note that Credit Hours is the same as our term used as Quality Hours, and Grade Points is the same in meaning as our term used as Quality Points. These Calculator links are not operated and maintained by Georgetown College.