Registration for Current students begins at fixed times, based on total hours earned, and once open, continues until just before the term begins.  (Summer registration is freely available once the schedule is set, until the session starts.)

Once your advisor has cleared you for a registration time, you may enter your own schedule online from anywhere the Internet is available.

  1. Outline an ideal schedule and possible course options to consider.
  2. Meet with your Advisor during the advising window. Your advisor will go into and click on your “Registration Clearance” button. You cannot access your registration screen until your advisor releases you to register.  You have been assigned a group number, day and time when you can register.  Your advisor has that information on the advising materials.
  3. Select Classes. Discuss appropriate courses  with your advisor, including alternatives in case you hit a snag. Fill out the registration form and leave a copy with your advisor. If you need to request an Approval Form for internships, independent study, tutorials or a course “overload” (more than 18 hours), get that too so you can bring the form to the Office of the Registrar for entry.
  4. Directions for online Registration:
    • Get a paper copy of the term schedule or have the course search portal open in another window.
    • Log into using your network login and password and Click Login. Call the HELP Desk (4357) if you do not have a log-in.
    • Next you will need to change the Term to the one you want to register for. This is located on the Registration page under the Academic Info tab.
    • Enter your schedule. You will see simple directions to Add or Drop (if you change your mind).
    • Check for Registration Problems.

Possible Registration Problems

  • Requisites – you will not be allowed to enter a course without the requisites. Check the online catalog.
  • Section is full – waitlist option will pop up or you may choose another section or course. You must have 12 hours before you can add to the waitlist. The Registrar’s Office will add courses from the waitlist if there are openings, and will notify you.
  • Faculty Approval Required – take Approval Form to Registrar’s Office for entry before your registration time.
  • Repeat warning – a warning will pop-up if you register for a class you have already taken. You must decide to continue or drop the course selected. Certain classes may be repeated: 440, 460, 461, 471, 450, MUS choirs and ensembles. Otherwise, you may repeat classes according to the repeat policy in the Catalog
  • Conflict warning – a warning will pop-up if you select two classes with overlapping times. Decide which class you want and remove the other.
  • Add labs – don’t forget to add any labs required for the courses selected.
  • Audit or Pass/Fail – come to the Office of the Registrar for these options.

Printing Your Schedule

  • Click on “Display My Schedule” and then you will click on the “Print Your Schedule” button.

When to Register?

  • Students have been divided into 8 groups of about 150-200 students each. These groups are based upon the total of both your earned hours + hours in progress currently. This enhancement will limit the number of simultaneous hits during registration and should keep the system from slowing down. On each day of registration, there will be two registration groups that will register; one group begins at 7:00 a.m. and the next group will begin at 7:30 a.m.
  • Each semester there is at least one registration group that has a larger number because all the students in the group have the same total hours. In order to reduce the size of these larger groups, each student has been assigned a random number by the computer system. If a larger group does occur, the system will then divide the students in this larger group (lowest random number to highest random number) into two groups instead of one. These random numbers will change each semester.
  • Look on your printed registration form for your date and time to register. (Also, you may find your day and time on your registration screen.)
  • Online Registration opens for each group at 7:00 a.m. Starting on the designated day for the Registration period (see Academic Calendar).
  • Once your window is open, it will remain open until Midnight on the last day; close for an adjustment period, and then reopen for your use if necessary, until the next regular term is ready to begin.

Schedule of Courses

Having Trouble?

If you need assistance using, bring your registration materials to the Registrar’s Office and we will assist you. If you are having trouble finding a PC, you may leave your schedule in the Registrar’s Office and we will enter it in priority order as received on your date for entry. However, the staff will enter schedules around other office tasks. Non-Degree Students may register during any day above in the Office of the Registrar.