We hope the course registration process goes smoothly for you, but sometimes there’s a wrinkle.  Here are some common questions students may have while dealing with the system.  If you don’t find the answer to your question here, call 863-8024 or visit our Highbaugh Hall office in person during business hours.  You can also email our office.

Why will My.GeorgetownCollege.edu not allow me to register?

The five most common causes for this are the following:

  1. Wrong Term – In My.Georgetown College.edu change the term to the semester you are registering for by selecting the correct term, year and program from the drop down menus found at the top of the screen.
  2. Clearance Needed – Clearance must be obtained from your current advisor and he or she must enter this into the system.
  3. Wrong Registration Time – Check to see if you are registering on your designated group date and time. See Question #2.
  4. System Busy – At the beginning of your registration time, the system may be slower due to many users accessing at once.  If the system is busy, just wait a few minutes and login again to my.georgetowncollege.edu .
  5. Need to Refresh (F5) or Reload – Try to Click on Refresh or Reload your browser. This will redraw the screen if parts of it are missing or disappear during registration of your courses.

How do I know when to register?

Students are divided into seven or eight registration groups of 100-200 students each. Your registration time is based on your cumulative earned hours plus the hours you are registered for currently.   Students are also assigned a random number and selected to groups in ascending order when too many students might otherwise be assigned to one group based on hours alone.

Where does my date and time appear?

Your printed Registration Form, which you receive when being cleared by your Advisor, has registration time and date printed on the upper right of the form. On the My.GeorgetownCollege.edu Registration screen it will also display your registration date and time.

What changes have been made to the printed schedule?

You may check this two ways:

  1. Click Here for changes to the schedule.
  2. Click Here for an online schedule.

How do I find classes open for registration?

Go to My.GeorgetownCollege.edu Course Search function, which updates every 15 minutes during registration.  Look for a class or department you’re interested in, then note the column that says “Reg/Limit/Waitlist“.  The next column gives the status as “Open” or “Closed”.

What are some other considerations before registering for classes?

Click Here to go to Help with registration.

When will I need an Approval Card from the Registrar’s Office?

Click Here for a description of the Approval Card.

How do I print my schedule?

In My.GeorgetownCollege.edu Registration you can click on Display My Schedule and then on this screen you can click on the print button. Or on your My.GeorgetownCollege.edu menu click on the folder to print.

How do I check for registration problems or things I have forgotten to do?

The system should guide you if you pay close attention.  If you get an error message you don’t understand while you’re in the registration process, call or email the Registrar’s Office (863-8024).

Will my schedule be entered faster if I drop it off at the Registrar’s Office?

Schedules entered online go live into the system and hold your space in classes you want right away.  If a schedule is dropped off at the Registrar’s Office, it will be entered as quickly as time permits, which represents at least some delay.  Delays might be longest on the heaviest registration days.

How do I know I am registered for a course I selected in My.GeorgetownCollege.edu registration?

If you see the course(s) on the screen after adding them you have properly registered. You can also print your schedule to verify the registration. See Question #7.

How do I exit the registration process from My.GeorgetownCollege.edu ?

In My.GeorgetownCollege.edu you may either click the X at the top right of your screen or click on the folder called Close Window.   If you are using a computer that is not your own, make certain you log out and close all connections to your browser. This will keep your information secure.

If I have a question or problem with registration, how can I get help or an answer?

You can call 863-8024 or come in person during business hours, or email our office.

What if I am a graduate student and want to register?