Your Course Load

The credit hours you take in a semester are called your “course load”. A normal course load is 15 hours, but full-time students can take between 12 and 18 hours at the same charge.  Taking beyond 18 hours is considered an overload and requires permission.  Additional costs per hour will also apply.

Signatures Required

Undeclared Majors are required to have their Advisor’s signature to register for more than 18 hours. Declared Majors are required to have their Advisor and Department chairperson’s signatures.

GPA Requirements

Permission for overloads (Declared and Undeclared) have the following GPA requirements for an overload.

  • 19 hours earned – 3.00-3.25 GPA
  • 20 hours earned – 3.26-3.75 GPA
  • 21 hours earned – 3.76-4.00 GPA

Permission may be written on the Registration Form or on a separate sheet, but this is required before extra hours will be added to a schedule.

NOTE: Students lacking the appropriate GPA for an overload must obtain the advisor, chairperson, and academic dean’s signature in order to take an overload.

Cost for Overloads

There is a charge for each hour of credit above 18 hours. Please refer to the College Catalog for this current cost.