What is this option?

A course taken as an Audit, rather than for credit, will show on the college transcript as an AU, but audit courses do not calculate in your “course load” or figure in grade point averages.  Elective courses not counting toward General Education requirements or Major(s) or Minor(s) requirements, may be taken as an Audit.

How to Apply?

During pre-registration or registration a course may be designated as for Audit on an “Audit Form”.  This may be done only up through the first four weeks of the semester the course is taken. Refer to the Orange Bookmark Calendar for exact dates.

Is there a limit on how many courses?

No, as long as the courses do not count for graduation requirements for a degree.

Audit requirements:

There will be attendance or other requirements even for an audited course. Check with the instructor, as he or she must certify that an Audit has been completed successfully in order for the course to remain on your transcript.

Is there a cost for auditing?

Full-time students and senior adults may audit without an additional charge.  Part-time or special (eg. audit only) students pay a flat fee per course audited.  See the College Catalog under Expenses for these fees.