• Students must take exams at the scheduled times.
  • With prior agreement of the professor, students may take exams with another section of the same course taught by the same professor.
  • Professors may not alter the examination schedule without prior written approval of the Provost.
  • Students with three or more exams on the same day may petition the Office of the Provost for a change in schedule. Such requests should be made in writing at least two weeks prior to the beginning of final examinations.
  • If an exam time is not listed, the time for the exam should be rounded down to the nearest hour.


This listing indicates when final exams are scheduled. Each exam is based on the regular class meeting time during the semester. See "Policies" section above to understand any limited exceptions that may apply.
Test Period9:00-11:0012:00-2:003:00-5:006:00-8:00
WEDNESDAYDec 9Reading DayNo examsYellowBxYellowBx
THURSDAYDec 10 8:00 TTH11:00 MWF 1:00 MWF 3:00 MWF
4:00 MWF
FRIDAYDec 11 9:30 TTH 8:00 MWF12:00 MWF 5:00 MWF
6:00 MWF
MONDAYDec 14 9:00 MWF 2:00 MWF 2:10 TTH5:30 TTH
6:15 TTH
TUESDAYDec 1510:00 MWF 12:45 TTH 3:35 TTH
Senior grades dueWednesday,
Dec. 16
by noon
Remaining grades dueThursday,
Dec. 17
by noon

(Exam and other academic calendars are maintained through the Office of Academic Affairs. Visit Academic Programs pages)

Current students can also check the GC Portal for current and future final exam schedule information.