• Students must take exams at the scheduled times.
  • With prior agreement of the professor, students may take exams with another section of the same course taught by the same professor.
  • Professors may not alter the examination schedule without prior written approval of the Provost.
  • Students with three or more exams on the same day may petition the Office of the Provost for a change in schedule. Such requests should be made in writing at least two weeks prior to the beginning of final examinations.

Fall Semester 2014 Schedule

Test Period9:00-11:0012:00-2:003:00-5:006:00-8:00
Wednesday, Dec 10Reading Day
Thursday, Dec 119:00 MWF2:00 MWF2:10 TTH5:30/6:15 TTH
Friday, Dec 1210:00 MWF12:45 TTH3:35 TTH5:00/6:00 MWF
Monday, Dec 158:00 TTH11:00 MWF1:00 MWF3:00/4:00 MWF
Tuesday, Dec 169:30 TTH8:00 MWF12:00 MWF
Grades for students graduating in December due @ noon on Wednesday, December 17
All remaining grades due @ 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 18

Spring Semester 2014 Schedule

Test Period9:00-11:0012:00-2:003:00-5:006:00-8:00
Friday, May 02Reading Day
Saturday, May 039:30 TTH12:00 MWF2:10 TTH3:00/4:00 MWF
Monday, May 0510:00 MWF2:00 MWF3:355 TTH5:00/6:00 MWF
Tuesday, May 069:00 MWF8:00 TTH1:00 MWF5:30/6:15 TTH
Wednesday, May 0711:00 MWF8:00 MWF12:45 TTH
Senior Grades Due @ Noon, Thursday, May 08
Remaining Grades Due @ 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 13