The College Level Examination Program (CLEP)  is a means for Georgetown College students to receive college credit by examination. A list of these exams may be found in the College Catalog or below.  Please see the list below for the required score in order to receive credit from the CLEP exam. The credit received by this testing is then added to the current academic term at the time of the testing. CLEP tests are computerized, and your exam results are received after the test is completed.

Note:  Georgetown College does not offer CLEP exams at Georgetown College. Students are free to choose any authorized CLEP testing center around the world.  For a full listing of all available authorized testing centers, please click HERE.

Scores needed

American Government50Political Science 1003
American History I54History 2233
American History II54History 2253
Biology47Biology 1003
Business Law50Business Administration 3303
Business Management50Business Administration 3573
Calculus w/ Elem. Functions50Mathematics 1253
College Algebra54Mathematics 1073
College French56French 2013
College French*66French 2303
College German54German 2013
College German*56German 2303
College Spanish56Spanish 2013
College Spanish*66Spanish 2303
English Composition*50English 1113
English Composition**60English 1123
General Chemistry40Chemistry 1023
General Chemistry54Chemistry 1114
General Chemistry60Chemistry 111, 112, 1138
Introductory Psychology50Psychology 1113
Introductory Accounting50Business Administration 2103
Principles of Marketing50Business Administration 3263
Introductory Macroeconomics50Economics 2213
Introductory Microeconomics50Economics 2233
Introductory Sociology50Sociology 1113
Western Civilization I54History 1113
Western Civilization II54History 1133

*Plus departmental examination in composition.
**Plus departmental examination in research technique, documentation and paraphrasing.

ENG 112 Department Test

The ENG112 test is administered by the Writing Center. There is no charge for taking the test. Only students who have taken the CLEP English College Composition exam and an exceptional score on the exam are eligible to take the ENG112 Departmental Exam. This score may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office. Please contact the Writing Center to make an appointment to take the test.


CLEP requires a 6 month waiting period before a student may retake the same CLEP exam. Click here for information concerning Scoring, Exam descriptions and the CLEP Sampler.

CLEP Tutorial

It is advisable that you download the CLEP Sampler before you come to take a CLEP exam.

Guide to CLEP Exams

Click here for exam descriptions.