Congratulations to Ashleigh Barker and Kari Steffen, this year’s winners of departmental awards.  Ashleigh also received the Religion Department’s senior comprehensives distinction award, the Walters Award, and the Biblical Studies Award.

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The Psychology Award. The Psychology Award is awarded to a senior psychology major who exhibits academic excellence, character, and service to the college community.

  • 2013 – Kari Steffen
  • 2012 – Katie Rapier
  • 2011 – Chelsea Denham, Kristen Greenhill
  • 2010 – Danielle Harrison, Brittany Wells
  • 2009 – Chelsea Northrip, Ashley Perkins
  • 2008 – Ashleigh Gray
  • 2007 – Sarah Flynn, Brooke Reed
  • 2006 – Erin Roberts

The Psychology Research Award (begun in 2010).The Psychology Research Award is awarded to a senior psychology major who has demonstrated excellence in research.

  • 2013 – Ashleigh Barker
  • 2012 – Kristen Snyder
  • 2011 – Stacey Page
  • 2010 – Layne Bush

The Mark Eddy Award (begun in 2007). The Mark Eddy Award is awarded to a senior psychology major who has overcome an obstacle in the context of faith. This award was established in memory of Dr. Mark Eddy. Dr. Eddy joined our department in 2002 and continued to be our friend throughout his battle with cancer. Two of the most important and defining aspects of Dr. Eddy’s personality included his incredibly strong faith and his accepting, optimistic attitude. Undoubtedly these characteristics sustained him and helped him live four years after his diagnosis, instead of the 6-12 months he was given. Because Dr. Eddy embodies the characteristics we hope others in our field possess, we have established this annual award in his name, to be given to a graduating senior who best exemplifies Dr. Eddy’s spirit.  Click here to read more about Dr. Eddy.

  • 2013 – Ashleigh Barker
  • 2012 – Doug McDonald, Cassandra Simmons
  • 2010 – Brittnee Harris
  • 2009 – Brittany Napper
  • 2008 – Matt Bauder
  • 2007 – Anna Fraley

The Joseph-Beth Award in Psychology (awarded from 2006-2008).

  • 2008 – Ashleigh Gray
  • 2007 – Michelle Darnell
  • 2006 – Kristen Paul