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President’s Perspective – July 22, 2015


To help inform, I am writing my Perspective today on a practical matter. Last Thursday evening I attended a Town Hall Meeting in Frankfort sponsored by the Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education. The meeting was to gather public input on Kentucky’s post-secondary and adult education system, and to gather feedback on the drafted strategic agenda for 2016-20. That agenda is focusing on three priorities: Opportunity, Success, and Impact.

I participated with a group focusing on the ‘Impact’ dimension, and I took the opportunity to advocate for increasing the KTG (Kentucky Tuition Grant) and CAP (College Access Program) funding. These are need-based state grant programs to assist Kentucky students who attend a college or university in the Commonwealth. These two programs are especially helpful to students attending a private institution such as Georgetown College. A problem is that education funding from the state is so limited that literally thousands of low income students eligible for the funds each year will not receive them.

Such a situation makes neither educational nor economic sense for Kentucky. The Commonwealth is blessed with a strong public university system. And it is also blessed with quality private institutions. Both systems need and deserve more support!

Increased support for students wishing to attend a private college in Kentucky can save the state millions of dollars, while still producing the well-prepared graduates it needs. Described another way, every student who is educated at a private institution is one less student for which the taxpayers will have to pay thousands more dollars to educate.

As a Kentuckian, I strongly hope that the legislature will allocate significantly more funding for education. As president of a private institution, I also affirm the educational and economic benefits provided to Kentucky by its independent colleges and universities. In their cumulative effect, the independents are one of the best bargains to the taxpayers of Kentucky. Their students deserve increased support!

On We Go!

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Inauguration and More

From the Desk of President Greene

Again I extend you greetings on behalf of Georgetown College, and this time from a president who is beginning his second year! Yes, it seems hard to believe that an entire year has passed since Carolyn and I arrived. But we have made it through the year with at least as much energy and even more commitment than when we began. Our thanks extend to many of you for making our first year so enjoyable!

Events of recent weeks have brought a warm spirit to the campus, especially in connection with the presidential inauguration. Various events prepared the way for the beautiful ceremony on October 17th. Indeed, the hard work of preparation came together wonderfully as the inauguration took place in the John L. Hill Chapel. If you can carve out the time to view it, I think you would enjoy seeing the ceremony. It is easily accessed by clicking on the Georgetown website.

On Saturday, October 18th, we were privileged to welcome hundreds of Georgetown alumni back to campus for the annual Homecoming celebration. The reunions and festivities were great, with all capped off nicely by a resounding victory by the football team that afternoon!

One week later, our trustees held their regularly scheduled meeting on campus. During the course of their meeting they elected to the Board Mr. Norman Brown, a Lexington businessman and Georgetown alumnus from 1963, and Dr. John Blackburn, a former Georgetown professor of chemistry. We are thrilled to welcome these persons to the Board, and we look forward to wonderful years ahead with their service to the College.

In other action, the Board authorized the beginning of an Acrobatics and Tumbling program as a varsity sport. This popular new sport is an evolution of gymnastics and the athletic aspect of cheer. As the fastest growing female sport in the nation, it promises to add an exciting new dimension to Georgetown’s athletic offerings. The initial recruiting class should enter this coming fall of 2015.

As we move forward, I am glad to extend many thanks for your continuing love and support for Georgetown College. As your schedule may allow, I hope you will soon find your next occasion to visit campus. You are always welcome here!

Kind regards to all,

Dwaine Greene, President

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Accreditation Update

Greetings. Georgetown College’s primary accrediting body is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). It is the regional body for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the Southern states.

By action of the SACSCOC Board of Trustees at its June 19, 2014 meeting in San Antonio, Texas, Georgetown College has been issued the sanction, ‘Warning,’ because of failure to comply with Core Requirement 2.11.1 (Financial Resources) and Comprehensive Standard 3.10.1 (Financial Stability). A sanction indicates that an institution is not in full compliance with one or more of the SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation. Warning is the less serious of SACSCOC sanctions, and is usually levied in the early stages of a situation needing correction.

This decision is not surprising and was anticipated. In fact, it is consistent with our own findings. The SACSCOC action should be interpreted as a clear reminder that financial responsibility is a must, as we seek further to enhance the quality of Georgetown’s programs and services within the context of our resources and capacities.

You may be assured that we are already at work to correct the situation which has led to this sanction. The SACSCOC personnel are aware of our strategic renewal plan, and the recent actions we have announced are in support of that plan.

Do be assured that our enthusiasm for Georgetown College, its worthy mission, its superb faculty and staff, and its exceptional academic quality remains high, as is our confidence that the current shortcomings will be corrected. As the College is being renewed and strengthened, we thank you for your continuing support as we move forward.

Best to all!

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Clarifying and Renewing

Once again I extend you greetings on behalf of Georgetown College. We are approaching the end of a year which has held its challenges, but one which has brought much joy and success on many fronts. From the position of a new president, it has been exhilarating to join students, faculty, and staff in the energetic life of the College. And I must say that I am even more impressed with both the core strengths and future opportunities of Georgetown than I was when I arrived this past October. It is my nature to move forward, and in doing so I am pleased to be surrounded by so many colleagues and friends who love the College I am honored to serve.

On April 25-26, our Board of Trustees held its regular meeting on campus. Subsequent to that meeting, I met with the College’s faculty and staff. To extend your awareness of actions to be taken, I want to highlight a few select items.

The first is a significant decision to bring clarity to the mission of Georgetown College. The full mission statement is lengthy, but its opening sentence is crystal clear: “The mission of Georgetown College is to prepare students to engage in their life’s pursuits with thoughtfulness and skill by providing an exceptional educational experience in a vibrant Christian community.” I encourage you to embrace this statement and proclaim it in whatever settings you consider appropriate. For 185 years Georgetown College has blended exceptional academics with faith commitments, and I applaud the trustees for articulating that interaction in such a clear and precise way.

In further action, the trustees approved four academic majors to be discontinued: French, German, Computer Science, and Music. These are low enrollment programs which will be phased away in order to assist in positioning the College for expansion in program areas with more growth potential. Despite discontinuing these majors, we will continue to support instruction in music and languages in our liberal arts core, as well as continuing our rich tradition of participation in musical performance. Also be assured that in any area where a program is phased away, the College will make every reasonable effort to assist the students in the best ways possible.

As you are aware from earlier communications, a strategic renewal is underway to streamline operations and curtail deficit spending. By July 2015, faculty size will be reset to a level some 20% smaller than currently in place. But do be clear, this reduction in faculty numbers is following a carefully-designed plan strategically to sharpen operations from which expansion can follow.

We are already seeing signals of growth as our enrollment indicators for next fall press significantly higher in the number of applying, admitted, and deposited students. Some students are already declaring interest in our new majors in Social and Criminal Justice and Sports Management. Momentum is building! Indeed, there is much excitement as we look ahead!

As you plan your summer activities, I hope you will find a suitable occasion to return to the College and enjoy the campus. Should your visit occur in the fall, prospects will be high for you once again to soak in the spirit of Georgetown College through the energy of its students.

Till then, and with kind regards to you all, I remain

Dwaine Greene, President

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Moving Forward!

Dear Alumni and Friends of Georgetown College:

Greetings to you all!  I am pleased to inform you that our semester is moving along well.  We have enjoyed beautiful snows and the accompanying cold weather this winter, but spring is ahead, and we welcome its warmth.

New to the College, and beginning his responsibilities on Monday, March 10, is Dr. Todd Rasberry, the Vice President for Advancement.  Dr. Rasberry is coming from the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Texas.  He brings years of experience and an impressive record in the field of Development.  You will enjoy getting to know Todd and his wife, Blanche, and I know that you are ready to extend them a hearty Georgetown welcome.  I join you in that affirmation!

News on our Admissions front is quite exciting, as our Admissions team has been busy recruiting next year’s Tigers.  Through their efforts, along with those of faculty and staff, we are seeing many more prospective students looking seriously at Georgetown College.  At this point in the year, our applications are up 33% over last year, we have admitted 55% more students, and our entering student deposits for next year are up 72%.  No doubt, there is a long way to go in the admissions process, but these results are tremendously encouraging as we work hard to make prospective students aware of the wonderful benefits of a Georgetown experience.

You can help us move things forward on the admissions front even more.  Our admissions staff is preparing to host on Saturday, March 29, “Today’s Tigers:  An Admitted Student Celebration.”  Over 250 students and their families have already signed up.  I would encourage you to continue recommending good students to Georgetown.  The “Today’s Tigers” event is quickly becoming an enjoyable tradition for welcoming new students committed to Georgetown.  I guarantee you, it will warm your heart to see students whom you recommend enroll and succeed.  I encourage you to work hard toward that end!

Finally, the strategic renewal efforts about which I communicated to you in January are moving along in a responsible and effective way.  Preparations are being made which will streamline operations and provide the foundation for expanding programs and enrollments.  Again, there is much to be done, but progress is being made.

Thank you for receiving this update, and for continuing your deep affection for Georgetown College.

Very best to you all, and


Dwaine Greene, President

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As We Look Ahead

Dear Georgetown College Community:

It was with conviction and optimism that I agreed to become president of Georgetown College, assuming those responsibilities this past October.  The ensuing months have brought exhilarating highs as I have enjoyed conversations with student and faculty colleagues, focused on tasks with administration and staff, begun engaging area citizens and organizations, and visited with numerous alumni and other friends of the College — all while clearly sensing deep love for the College across our state and beyond.  Through it all, I have gladly retained a deepening conviction and optimism for Georgetown College.

With that resolve clearly in mind, it is incumbent upon me to lead the College through a period of strategic renewal, of which there will be multiple parts.  The renewal begins from Georgetown’s long and storied tradition of academic rigor and intellectual honesty, wrapped snugly in a fabric of great love and care for students.  Georgetown College is a living and learning community where the care and guidance of students is paramount.  That sterling focus must be sustained, but it can only be so if the College exercises the discipline and commitment to get its financial house in order.  Regrettably, and candidly, the College has been living beyond its means, and that must be corrected.  We believe that current challenges can and will be successfully addressed through strategic renewal involving several key components:

  • A strategic plan, already being developed with broad input across the College, will set forth with precision and clarity the priorities to be pursued.
  • A careful review will be conducted of every program and service of the College’s operation, and changes will be implemented as needed.
  • There will be a commitment to identify and discontinue academic programs whose recent history demonstrates underperformance and diminishing potential.  This will be done with careful attention to the needs of every student in any affected area.
  • There will be new resolve both to support programs of strength, and to identify and implement new and attractive programs with growth potential.
  • Faculty and staff numbers will be reset to levels appropriate both to fulfil the academic mission of the College and to be compatible with its size and resources.  In several areas there will be reductions in personnel.  In others, there will be expansion.

I encourage you to approach the coming months with maturity conditioned by confidence that a plan is being pursued to achieve balanced operations and establish a footing from which the College can grow and flourish.  Changes will occur with regard to both personnel and programs, but neither the College’s mission nor its academic quality is to be compromised.  We intend to turn challenge into opportunity and renewal.  As God grants us wisdom and strength, we shall proceed.  Thank you for joining with us on that path.


Dwaine Greene, President

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