Once again I extend you greetings on behalf of Georgetown College. We are approaching the end of a year which has held its challenges, but one which has brought much joy and success on many fronts. From the position of a new president, it has been exhilarating to join students, faculty, and staff in the energetic life of the College. And I must say that I am even more impressed with both the core strengths and future opportunities of Georgetown than I was when I arrived this past October. It is my nature to move forward, and in doing so I am pleased to be surrounded by so many colleagues and friends who love the College I am honored to serve.

On April 25-26, our Board of Trustees held its regular meeting on campus. Subsequent to that meeting, I met with the College’s faculty and staff. To extend your awareness of actions to be taken, I want to highlight a few select items.

The first is a significant decision to bring clarity to the mission of Georgetown College. The full mission statement is lengthy, but its opening sentence is crystal clear: “The mission of Georgetown College is to prepare students to engage in their life’s pursuits with thoughtfulness and skill by providing an exceptional educational experience in a vibrant Christian community.” I encourage you to embrace this statement and proclaim it in whatever settings you consider appropriate. For 185 years Georgetown College has blended exceptional academics with faith commitments, and I applaud the trustees for articulating that interaction in such a clear and precise way.

In further action, the trustees approved four academic majors to be discontinued: French, German, Computer Science, and Music. These are low enrollment programs which will be phased away in order to assist in positioning the College for expansion in program areas with more growth potential. Despite discontinuing these majors, we will continue to support instruction in music and languages in our liberal arts core, as well as continuing our rich tradition of participation in musical performance. Also be assured that in any area where a program is phased away, the College will make every reasonable effort to assist the students in the best ways possible.

As you are aware from earlier communications, a strategic renewal is underway to streamline operations and curtail deficit spending. By July 2015, faculty size will be reset to a level some 20% smaller than currently in place. But do be clear, this reduction in faculty numbers is following a carefully-designed plan strategically to sharpen operations from which expansion can follow.

We are already seeing signals of growth as our enrollment indicators for next fall press significantly higher in the number of applying, admitted, and deposited students. Some students are already declaring interest in our new majors in Social and Criminal Justice and Sports Management. Momentum is building! Indeed, there is much excitement as we look ahead!

As you plan your summer activities, I hope you will find a suitable occasion to return to the College and enjoy the campus. Should your visit occur in the fall, prospects will be high for you once again to soak in the spirit of Georgetown College through the energy of its students.

Till then, and with kind regards to you all, I remain

Dwaine Greene, President