Dear Georgetown College Community:

It was with conviction and optimism that I agreed to become president of Georgetown College, assuming those responsibilities this past October.  The ensuing months have brought exhilarating highs as I have enjoyed conversations with student and faculty colleagues, focused on tasks with administration and staff, begun engaging area citizens and organizations, and visited with numerous alumni and other friends of the College — all while clearly sensing deep love for the College across our state and beyond.  Through it all, I have gladly retained a deepening conviction and optimism for Georgetown College.

With that resolve clearly in mind, it is incumbent upon me to lead the College through a period of strategic renewal, of which there will be multiple parts.  The renewal begins from Georgetown’s long and storied tradition of academic rigor and intellectual honesty, wrapped snugly in a fabric of great love and care for students.  Georgetown College is a living and learning community where the care and guidance of students is paramount.  That sterling focus must be sustained, but it can only be so if the College exercises the discipline and commitment to get its financial house in order.  Regrettably, and candidly, the College has been living beyond its means, and that must be corrected.  We believe that current challenges can and will be successfully addressed through strategic renewal involving several key components:

  • A strategic plan, already being developed with broad input across the College, will set forth with precision and clarity the priorities to be pursued.
  • A careful review will be conducted of every program and service of the College’s operation, and changes will be implemented as needed.
  • There will be a commitment to identify and discontinue academic programs whose recent history demonstrates underperformance and diminishing potential.  This will be done with careful attention to the needs of every student in any affected area.
  • There will be new resolve both to support programs of strength, and to identify and implement new and attractive programs with growth potential.
  • Faculty and staff numbers will be reset to levels appropriate both to fulfil the academic mission of the College and to be compatible with its size and resources.  In several areas there will be reductions in personnel.  In others, there will be expansion.

I encourage you to approach the coming months with maturity conditioned by confidence that a plan is being pursued to achieve balanced operations and establish a footing from which the College can grow and flourish.  Changes will occur with regard to both personnel and programs, but neither the College’s mission nor its academic quality is to be compromised.  We intend to turn challenge into opportunity and renewal.  As God grants us wisdom and strength, we shall proceed.  Thank you for joining with us on that path.


Dwaine Greene, President