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Melissa Scheier, PhD • Associate Professor

Office Location: Cooke Memorial Bldg, Room 110
Phone: (502) 863.7040

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Guilherme A. Silva, PhD • Assistant Professor

Office Location: Cooke Memorial Bldg, Room 107
Phone: (502) 863.7040

Education: MA (Political History and International Relations) from the State University of Rio de Janeiro. MA & PhD (International Relations) from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Silva is Assistant Professor in Political Science at Georgetown College as well as consultant for the college’s Brazil Initiatives. He worked for several years as an attorney-at-law in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Before joining Georgetown College, Dr. Silva was Visiting Assistant Professor in International Relations at Northern Illinois University Department of Political Science.

His teaching interests include theory, history and introduction to International Relations, philosophy of science, sociology of knowledge, US-Latin America Relations, globalization, global civil society, global governance, global security and international negotiations.

His research interests include matters related to the development of global levels of human socialization with implications to international relations, broadly defined. He is currently working on the development of interdisciplinary methodological tools for assessing discourse and data analysis, by combining conceptual analysis, cognitive modeling, and visual modes of representation. He is also working on a book applying the above-mentioned methodology on global relations issues. In addition, Dr. Silva has begun a new research project related to the historic evolution of human rights as cornerstone to the development of global governance and, by extension, global society.


Book entitled Dicionário de Relações Internacionais (Dictionary of International Relations); co-authored with Dr. Williams da Silva Gonçalves, published by Editora Manole, São Paulo, Brazil. Currently in the second enlarged edition (2009).

Paper published in the magazine of IFCH (UERJ), Dia-Logos, entitled The Contribution from Hermeneutics for the Understanding of Human Sciences. (1997).

Paper published in the ANPHU magazine, from the Brazilian National Association of History, entitled The Issue Encompassing the Process of Forming Concepts in International Relations. (1997).