The philosophy programs at Georgetown are designed to prepare students for a wide range of professional careers. As a philosophy student you will develop skills to evaluate critically what you read, to examine and to write clearly what you believe, and (through response-group and class discussion) to think in a cooperative way. These skills are highly valued in many careers and in all graduate and advanced professional study.

Georgetown Philosophy Successes

In the 1990’s and 2000’s philosophy majors from Georgetown College have earned Ph.D.’s in philosophy, medical ethics, and psychology. Many were admitted to law school and one earned the top rank in U.K. Law School’s class of 1997. Others have earned masters degrees in philosophy, theology, psychology, library science, communication arts, English literature, and computer science. A few have gone to medical school. Two were awarded Fulbright research grants to study philosophy in Singapore and Spain. Several have been admitted to the Oxford Tutorial Program, spending a term or two at Oxford as visiting students. Others have begun successful careers in ministry, publishing and advertising, building construction, the military, and professional arbitration.

The Value of Philosophical Study

A recent survey in the United States shows that philosophy majors as a group:

  • score higher than any other major on the verbal GRE
  • score higher than any other major except Mathematics on the GMAT
  • score higher than any other major except Mathematics and Economics on the LSAT
  • score higher than any other humanities major on the quantitative GRE

For more information about how broadly and well prepared are philosophy majors for life and careers, you might look at these web sites: