Roger Ward

Although I am not a complete Luddite (I text more than call nowadays!) I still use a paper calendar.  I save them year to year, and the one for 2008-09 will be one of the more cherished.  Coffee rings and multiple staples hold together the pages that record the hiring […]

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Brad Hadaway

As noted in prior newsletters, my time recently has been largely devoted to curriculum reform, and I have some good news to report!  For the first time in 30 or more years, Georgetown College will have a new general education curriculum beginning in the 2010-11 school year.  The faculty has […]

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Jonathan Sands-Wise

As a first-year professor at Georgetown College, much of my first few months were spent getting into the groove of constant preparation for class and grading of class materials, but I was also working on finishing and editing my dissertation.  Needless to say, the combination kept me sufficiently busy […]

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Graduate News

Amanda White is serving for yet another year in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, this time in Baltimore, MD.

Tyler Stewart has been admitted to the law school at the University of Kentucky (where’s he recently been absolved of a $110 overdue library fine–books related to his ethics tutorial with Dr. […]

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Department News

We’re happy to announce that Drs. Sands-Wise and Tilley will be joining us for a second year!

This year we graduated three majors. Here is what they are planning to do next: Elaina Reid is working a year before entering law school; Paul Rakes is in the market for a mathematics job; […]

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Philosophy Shorts

We were happy to host a talk this year by Dr. David Bradshaw from the University of Kentucky.  He spoke to about 60 students and his talk was entitled, “On Behalf of Faith.”
We also co-hosted Dr. David Williams who presented a well-attended lecture entitled “Plato’s Noble Lie” in February.
Would you like […]

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