roger wardAlthough I am not a complete Luddite (I text more than call nowadays!) I still use a paper calendar.  I save them year to year, and the one for 2008-09 will be one of the more cherished.  Coffee rings and multiple staples hold together the pages that record the hiring of our two newest department members, Jonathan Sands-Wise and Michael Tilley, the deadline for my application for promotion to full professor (mission accomplished!), and my daughter Rachel’s first year as a Georgetown student.   It also shows the meeting schedule for department chairs since I have taken over that job after Norman, and multiple events related to General Education Curriculum Revision that owes its success in large part to Brad’s extraordinary work and leadership with the faculty.  The Meetinghouse Council and the Faculty Center for Teaching and Vocation that I direct account for most of the other meetings and events noted in my hard to decipher abbreviations.  And the names of students for independent studies, tutorials and other meetings are sprinkled in with associated texts of Leibniz, Nietzsche, Peirce, Paz, and Plato.

We have had some excellent people visit our campus this year. David Bradshaw from UK, David Williams from Wisconsin, and Bruce Main from UrbanPromise as the Danford Thomas lecturer are a few of the highlights.  There are deadlines for articles and book reviews circled and starred, but I didn’t write down the day the books with my chapters on Edwards and Peirce arrived.  I should have. Travel times are recorded for the Baptist Association of Philosophy Teachers in APA Central where I organized a session for SAAP, the visit to Texas A&M for the SAAP meeting and John McDermott fest, and the Spring break week in Camden NJ with 10 GC students.  It was a very busy Spring semester, and I was very glad to make it through the Senior oral exams and graduation exercises to the summer!  There is more open space now, since the Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy is planned and ready to go, and family vacation time has arrived.  If you see a lone cyclist on highway 62 between Georgetown and Eddyville, that may be me, so please give me a wide berth and a wave.