We’re happy to announce that Drs. Sands-Wise and Tilley will be joining us for a second year!

This year we graduated three majors. Here is what they are planning to do next: Elaina Reid is working a year before entering law school; Paul Rakes is in the market for a mathematics job; and Ben Sipple is out to change the world (and he might even be moving to a different part of it–London in the UK).

This year on Award’s Day we gave out the following awards: Outstanding Major went to Elaina Reid; the Heizer Book Award was given to Sam Chinn; and the Best Performance by an Underclassman/woman was an honor shared by four outstanding performers, Lee Birdwhistell, Kyle Huskin, Tori Bachman-Johnson, and Rachel Ward (yes, THAT Rachel Ward).

We want to congratulate all our students in philosophy this year. They are an exceptional bunch, and we are very proud of them.