Josh Branscum, Class of ‘05, Director of Business Development

Josh graduated from Georgetown College with a degree in Communication & Media Studies and currently works at Branscum Construction Company. His primary responsibility is to seek out, negotiate and acquire new projects for his construction company. Branscum construction is very diverse in the types of market segments and facilities they build. Because of this diversity, Josh continuously establishes relationships based on comfort and trust with owners from various backgrounds. “My Communication degree from Georgetown College has been in instrumental tool and foundation for my line of work. Being able to effectively communicate, manage and problem solve are critical aspects of the construction industry. Additionally, my job requires a tremendous amount of public speaking to owners, boards and decision makers. My COMM degree has allowed me to better listen, pick up on cues, precess and respond to what the owner’s wants and needs are. These skills are very beneficial in contract negotiation and presentation type scenarios.”