Jan’a Gill Prater, Class of ‘12, Social Justice

Jan’a earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgetown College with a major in Psychology. After graduation, she pursued a lifelong interest in issues related to social justice. She currently co-ops in Frankfort, KY with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, the Department for Community Based Services, and the Division of Protection and Permanency. In this role, she advocates for the advancement of humanity, particularly in operations designed to reinforce federal, state, and local policies that protect marginalized groups within society. She also serves as a student liaison for the Asbury University Master of Social Work Department. “More than just refining skills in critical thinking and writing, the faculty and staff within the Psychology Department at Georgetown College taught me that knowledge does not hinder a person’s ability to be successful, but merely raises self-worth, stimulates growth and builds character – values that I find necessary when helping to restore the lives of victims overcoming crimerelated social and psychological distress.”