Cassandra Simmons, Class of ‘12, Legal Services for Juveniles

After receiving her psychology degree, Cassandra began the Clinical Forensic Master’s Program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, IL. She currently is serving as a clinical intervention intern with the Cook County Juvenile Probation and Court Services. Cassandra is also a mental health consultant for Guardian Ad Litems (Legal Representation for Minors) through the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services, for which she serves as a child custody and divorce mediator. “The Psychology Department definitely prepared me for my graduate school experience and future career path. Through an encouraging word, a smile, a hug, a pat on the back, extra help, or revisions on a capstone project, Drs. Bell, Castaneda, Lookadoo, McKenzie, Price, and Singer helped me realize I could conquer the psychology world. If you do not know the psychology faculty, get to know them. If you are not a psychology major at Georgetown, become one. I PROMISE YOU, these BRILLIANT professors will not let you down. They all prepared me for my career path, and I hope that you receive the same experience I had as a psychology major.”