Kate Matthews, Class of ‘07, Compliance Coordinator

Kate graduated from Georgetown College with a major in Communication & Media Studies. She currently is the Compliance Coordinator for the University of Louisville Athletic Department. She is responsible for carrying out any/all NCAA and ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) rules and regulations to student-athletes, coaches, staff, and boosters. Scholarship money, sports agents, recruits, NCAA legislations, initial athletic eligibility, and sport monitoring all go through her office. Kate went directly from Georgetown to graduate school at UL and has never left. “Making connections to people and networking are your most valuable sources when it comes to job hunting and job success. I started my Masters at the University of Louisville and had a job waiting for me after graduation. Without the COMM department and their ability to prepare me for graduate school I would never be in the position I am in now. It’s a domino effect. My professors in the COMM department were the first dominos in my game of life. I use my COMM degree in every facet of my job; when speaking to over 550 student-athletes in large public speaking forums or one-on-one in my office. My degree has helped me in learning how to deal with the personalities of coaches, student-athletes, and staff around the university.”