Madelyn Frost ’15

Madelyn Frost

lexington kyHometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Major and Minor: Psychology and Sustainable Community Development. “I started out as an education major, but I realized that I didn’t want to teach; I liked counseling the students better!”

Expected Graduation Date: 2015

_facebook_1152363520Activities: Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President of Campus and Community Affairs, Residence Life (current Resident Director at Alpha Gamma Delta, future Resident Director at Rucker Village, and former Resident Advisor at Knight Hall), Student Life Week of Welcomes Coordinator for the 2014-2015 school year. In the summers, Frost also works at the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs, located on Georgetown’s campus.

What Attracted Her to Georgetown: “When I visited, the people were so friendly and nice. I feel like everyone says that, but it’s true!”

Favorite Professor: Dr. McKenzie “She’s very informative, and I feel like I have a rich experience in her classes. I know I’m going to learn something new every time I go to class. I also really enjoyed my Foundations 112 class, Foundations of Architecture, taught by Dr. Griggs.”

Plans for Life after Georgetown: To attend graduate school in the Carolinas. “I know I want to work with therapy animals — I love animals and children. In hospitals, they have animals that come around and visit the patients with you. That would be interesting to do.”

_facebook_1489689320Favorite Georgetown Memory: “Residence Life training was actually a lot of fun, and going on the RD retreat was great. Being a part of Residence Life gives me a steady foundation of people on campus that I can go to.”

What Sets Georgetown Apart: “It’s a place where you can build a network of people who really care about you and form a good community. When you walk on campus, you feel like you belong here immediately.”

Most Important Lesson Learned at Georgetown:  To expand your horizons. “I’ve learned that there’s so much more beyond Georgetown. The professors and people I have worked with here have showed me that I can go anywhere from here. I can do a lot more than I thought I could do.”