Austin Fraley

Austin Fraley Austin Fraley

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Hometown: Paris, Kentucky

Majors: Philosophy and Religion

Expected Graduation Date: Winter 2014

Activities: Common Ground Worship Team, President of Conflict Free Campus Initiative (CFCI; an organization that raises awareness about conflict minerals in the Congo and consuming responsibly to break the cycle of violence), Joyful Noise Gospel Choir, Brokmeyer Society

1374089 435992179838916 132410956 n 300x198 Austin FraleyWhat Attracted Him to Georgetown: The campus tour. “It was one-on-one, which you don’t get at bigger schools, and done by students. I felt really good about the tour; that’s probably why I actually came, but the small classes and great class discussions were why I stayed.”

Favorite Class: Dr. Sands-Wise’s Seminar on Vocation. “I learned a lot more about myself — good and bad — in that class than I would have in any other class.”

Future College Plans: To study abroad at Oxford during his final semester.

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Plans for Life after Georgetown: “Eventually, I’d like to join the Peace Corps, but not right after graduation. Recently, I’ve been thinking about getting a master’s degree in ESL and possibly working with Americorps to reach out to immigrants.”

Favorite Georgetown Memory: Any all-campus activity. “My freshman year, there was a snowball fight in the Quad; we also had a bonfire there after we won the NAIA championship last year. It’s cool to be in that kind of atmosphere, where the whole campus is there. It’s different than it would be at a bigger school because you know everyone.”

Favorite Thing to Do at Georgetown: Riding bikes, geocaching, and patronizing local businesses with friends.

What Sets Georgetown Apart: “The professors are always willing to go out of their way to help you. There aren’t many other schools where you would go to professors’ houses for dinner or talk to them outside of class.”

Most Important Lesson Learned at Georgetown: A deeper understanding of God and a stronger faith developed through classes and friendships alike. “I feel like I’ve learned more about who God is, not by being indoctrinated, but by being equipped to understand things in my own way. I feel like I understand the Bible and Christianity much better now that I understand more about the outside world.”