Zach White ’15

Zach White

Hometown: Louisville, Kentuckyky adamwetherington

Majors: Music and Business

Expected Graduation Date: 2015

Activities: Lambda Chi Alpha Recruitment Chair, the George-Tones, SGA Senator, intramurals participant, musical theatre, admissions office tour guide; former Freshman Family Group parent. “Greek life is definitely my favorite, not just because of the fun stuff, but because the experience I have gained as a chair is very applicable to the business world.”


How He Heard About Georgetown: “I liked the idea of a small, in-state college, and my mom mentioned that Georgetown might have some of the things I was looking for. Then, when I visited, something just kind of felt differently [from other campus visits]. When you come and visit Georgetown, people are introducing themselves to you in the Caf. I loved that everyone knew my tour guide and was smiling and waving. The community here is just indescribable.”

Favorite Class: “I’m taking Business Ethics this semester with Dr. Ward, and it’s very interesting. I really like looking at the big picture and thinking about my perspective on things.”

Plans for Life after Georgetown: To work in public relations or on the business side of the music industry. He has also considered becoming an admissions counselor at Georgetown College.

563998_3194478179856_1600681337_nWhat Sets Georgetown Apart: “Our faculty. They not only have a wealth of knowledge, but they are also really great people. They know how to relate to different students in different ways, and they change their classes to make sure that we’re getting what we need out of them.”

Most Important Lesson Learned at Georgetown: To try new things, even if they seem scary. “Sometimes the best learning experience is jumping in the water and seeing if you can swim. There is no shame in not succeeding at something right off the bat. I have learned that you can always get back up and try again.”