Natalie Hill, Class of ’14, Athletic Training and Spanish

Natalie Hill

Natalie Hill KYHometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Major and Minor: Athletic Training and Spanish. “I’ve always really liked sports, so working with the human body is very interesting to me. I thought Spanish would be a good complement to anything I might do. I’m proficient, and I really enjoy it.”

Expected Graduation Date: 2014

Natalie 3

Activities: Tennis, Sigma Kappa, Campus Outreach, Residence Life (Resident Director of Sigma Kappa, former Resident Advisor at Knight Hall), athletic training

What Attracted Her to Georgetown: The athletic training program and the ability to continue playing tennis. “I played tennis in high school, and Coach Kevin Calhoun came and spoke at a college showcase about what to look for in college tennis programs. I was drawn to him and really liked all of the things he had to say.”

Favorite Class: Dr. Ward’s Discovering Vocation. “He’s an awesome teacher, and he was very real with us. I’ve also really enjoyed my Spanish classes with Dr. Borrallo-Solis.”

Plans for Life after Georgetown: Currently waiting to hear on the status of her Fulbright application to Spain and weighing graduate school options. “At this point, I’d like to go into a health-related field, whether that’s pursuing physical therapy or earning a graduate degree in wellness, nutrition or something similar.”

Natalie Friends

Favorite Georgetown Memory: The night she pledged Sigma Kappa. “I wasn’t able to go through Recruitment my freshman year, but all of my friends at the time became Sigmas. During my sophomore year, they offered me an open bid, and I accepted. We had a little Chapel Day in the house and it was so sweet.”

How She Describes Georgetown: “Georgetown is a small, tight-knit community. There are lots of opportunities and ways to get connected.”

Most Important Lesson Learned at Georgetown: “I’ve learned who I really am as a person, and I’ve seen how that fleshes out in different situations. I’ve learned how to accept myself for who I am and not wish that I was someone else.”