Lucas Gravitt – Scott County

How has your educational experience at Georgetown helped improve your career?

Through my studies at Georgetown College, I have been able to grow as an educator in many ways.  I have improved on classroom management, lesson planning and implementation, and on various elements of implementation of technology into my curriculum.

Why did you make the commitment to get a graduate degree?

As a KY school teacher, I knew I had to continue my education, and the only school on my list of consideration was Georgetown.  Having received my BA at Georgetown in 2007, I recognized the high quality of education received, and wanted to continue to be a part of that.  With a Master’s Degree, I am able to better educate my students, lead my school, and help my community to grow and prosper.

What were the most important things you took away from your graduate degree?

From my time at Georgetown, I am most thankful to have taken away a sense of servant leadership.  Giving of my time and energy to help others succeed in life is the most valuable skill I learned.

What sacrifices did you have to make to earn the degree?

Earning a graduate degree while maintaining a full teaching load, plus a summer job, and various volunteer positions in the community, I had to sacrifice quite a bit of personal and social time.  I knew, though, that giving up some personal activities would ultimately make me more successful.

How did Georgetown support your success in attaining a graduate degree?

The Georgetown Grad-Ed faculty did a great job in supporting me as a student, as well as a growing professional.  They truly understood that I had a full time job, family obligations, and friendships.  They were quite understand and caring in their teaching.