Chandra Emerson – South Oldham High School

How has your educational experience at Georgetown helped improve your career?

In addition to a solid theoretical foundation, Georgetown gave me practical research-based strategies that I use every day in the classroom.
Chandra Emerson, South Oldham High School

Why did you make the commitment to get a graduate degree?

It is important that teachers seek all different ways to improve their instruction. Getting a Master’s degree in education is one way to gain more knowledge in the field to increase student learning in the classroom.

What were the most important things you took away from your graduate degree?

A new sense of purpose – I was more equipped to meet the needs of my students and seek out different resources to help students succeed.

What sacrifices did you have to make to earn the degree?

I never really thought of my graduate work in terms of making sacrifices; it was just what I needed to do to improve as an educator. Though there was some time with family that I had to give up, my husband and I were actually able to take some classes together.

How did Georgetown support your success in attaining a graduate degree?

Georgetown is a real teacher’s school, more like a teacher’s college, where teachers explore research and theory, then apply it to their daily work. Professors encouraged the right mix of scholarly work with practice and were engaged in their students’ progress. Georgetown even made it easy to take classes on my own school’s campus.