Are freshmen allowed to bring cars to campus?
Yes, first-year students are permitted to have a car on campus. Any student wishing to park on campus must purchase a parking pass from Campus Safety.



What is there to do on campus?
There are events happening on campus all the time! Our student group, the Georgetown Activities Council (GAC), is always coming up with new ideas to engage students on campus, from longstanding GC traditions like Songfest to hosting Canvas and Coffee events, trips to see local sports teams play, and hosting on-campus comedians. The College is also proud to host events from the many Student Life offices, such as Faith & Service, Diversity & Inclusion, the Graves Center for Calling and Career, and First Year Programs. Each event is designed to entertain, educate, and engage your student so he/she can learn and interact in a new and unique way with one another.



How do you keep the campus safe?
Georgetown College has a Campus Safety office that is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and is responsible for the overall safety of the College. Campus Safety works closely with Georgetown Police Department, Scott County Sherriff’s Office, and other local agencies to develop crisis management plans for the campus.

Campus Safety is responsible for:

  • Helping a student gain access to their residence hall room (if they lock themselves out).
  • Providing a security escort for students on campus (such as late at night after a long study session).
  • Six emergency call boxes located on campus and connect directly to the Campus Safety office.
  • Emergency Text Messaging service (sign up on the GC Portal).



What is the best way to send mail or packages to my student?
Each student will be given a campus mailbox. This mailbox number is typically included in the student’s housing letter, but can also be found on the portal ( or by visiting the Campus Mailroom (1st floor, Student Center). Download a PDF of the campus map.



How do students get work-study jobs on campus?
All on-campus student (work-study and non-work study) jobs are posted on Tiger Net



What is the deadline for scholarship applications?
Most of our scholarships are tied to particular programs, which can have different deadlines. Check out our scholarships page, click here. For a full list of programs, click here.



Is there a parents weekend on your campus?
We do not have a parent’s weekend, but encourage parents to come to campus for Homecoming, campus traditions, or any other events they wish to attend. The Office of First Year Programs sends a parent newsletter to all parents twice a semester to highlight recent and upcoming events, as well as campus news.



Do any of the hotels in the area give discounts for parents of GC students?
Yes, Fairfield, Hilton and Holiday Inn




What’s the best way to find a roommate?
The best way to find a roommate is to talk with fellow classmates at PAWS, or any other orientation/preview day. Students who have a roommate in mind can request that person on the housing application. If a student does not have a specific roommate in mind, we will try to place them with another student with similar interests (i.e. athletics, academic major, etc).




How can students change rooms and/or roommates during the school year?
Here at Georgetown College, we encourage students to challenge themselves. If students aren’t getting along with their roommate, we have several ways to assist our students to overcome roommate conflict. Ultimately, if two students aren’t compatible we do have a process to change rooms and/or roommates. Throughout the year we have three room change periods: 1. Approximately six weeks after the start of the fall semester; 2. at the end of the fall semester; and, 3. at the beginning of the spring semester. Before every room change period, the student body will receive an email from Student Life staff with specific instructions on how to request a room change.




What is the graduation rate for GC?
The federal government requires that schools track a six-year graduation rate. Georgetown has an exceptional six-year rate close to 60% (the exact figure will change year to year). Even more important and impressive, about 50% of our students graduate in four years. Our four-year graduation rate is nearly double the average for state schools in KY, and higher than most privates as well, which means that most students end up paying less for a GC education, even if GC costs more per semester. Many students graduate early as well.




What is the retention rate for GC?
The retention rate is defined as the percent of first-year students who return for the second year. GC’s ten-year retention rate is between 70-75%, which is considerably above the average, even for small private schools.




What is the breakdown of cost versus what the student will actually pay per semester?
Every student admitted to GC will receive a merit scholarship, which means that no one will pay the full sticker price. How much any particular student will pay depends on a lot of factors, including their academic record, their activities and accomplishments, and their financial need. You can calculate roughly what GC would cost for your student using our net price calculator, but since the application is free, we encourage any interested student to apply. Until you go through the process and get us your FAFSA, it is really impossible for us to tell you exactly what GC will cost for your individual situation.




What is the average loan that a student will have to pay after graduation?
For the most recent graduating class, the average loan amount taken out in their name is: $31,000



What is the post-graduation % of graduates employed or in graduate school?
We have an average of 94% among recent graduates.



What level of career services do you offer?
The Graves Center for Calling and Career at Georgetown College offers students and alumni a wide variety of career services including individual career coaching, workshops focusing on topics like resume writing and interviewing skills, and online resources such as career assessments, Vault (a career advice and research site), and an online job board. The Graves Center also serves to connect students individually with relevant internship opportunities, employers, graduate schools and other career-related resources. The center offers a four-year program that guides students in outlining clear and personal career goals and fosters leadership development.



What real-world market skills will my student learn at GC?
We address Core Career Competencies that Employers seek. 

  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  • Oral/Written Communication
  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Digital Technology
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism/Work Ethic
  • Career Management
  • Global/Intercultural Fluency


Are student health services available?
Yes, our onsite clinic provides a wide variety of services. Visit our Health Services page for more information.


What type of community is Georgetown College located in?
Georgetown College is located in downtown Georgetown, Ky. Historic Georgetown exemplifies small-town America and is the heart of the Bluegrass, in the triangle of Cincinnati, Louisville and Lexington.



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