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PAEMS Experiment

Who is this program for?

PAEMS is designed primarily for students preparing to enter the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades who have an exceptional interest and aptitude for mathematics, the natural sciences and/or the life sciences.

A select group of 22-24 students who are interested in expanding their knowledge will receive innovative classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory experiences in astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental science, and mathematics.


PAEMS seeks to challenge students academically, stimulate their interests in science and math, expand their perspective of global issues, foster creativity, and promote a team concept to problem solving. Campus activities are complimented by field trips that allow students to see applications of what they learn.

The PAEMS program is designed to provide encouragement and foster excitement among students with a strong interest in math and science. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and regions, but are united by their wish to be challenged academically. They will see for themselves how their interests may ultimately lead to careers in industry, education, biotechnology, health sciences, or other fields. No credit is offered for the PAEMS activities because we do not want to put that kind of pressure on our students. (Besides, it’s summer!) But there will be a number of competitive activities, both in and out of the classroom. We think you can have fun while you are learning.


Though no credit is offered for PAEMS activities, there will be a number of competitive activities, both inside and outside the classroom. We think you can have fun while you’re learning. (Besides, it’s summer! Who wants to worry about tests and grades?!)

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