Oxford Tutorial Program–Application Timeline

Prior to your freshman year:

  1. For those who qualify (28 ACT and 3.75 high school GPA–unweighted), complete the Oxford Honors Scholars application.  Students who are awarded the Oxford Honors Scholarship will be admitted to the Honors Program at Georgetown and cultivate the necessary academic skill set to flourish while studying at Oxford during their third or fourth year as a Georgetown undergraduate.  Note:  Students who do not qualify for this scholarship program are still eligible to pursue a place at Oxford as juniors or seniors, given that they possess a 3.7 college GPA.   
  2. If you would like to discuss details about our Oxford Programs, Email Dr. Hadaway, the Director, to express interest and to ask any questions you may have. (Optional)
  3. Apply and be accepted to Georgetown College.
  4. Apply for the Oxford Honors Program

In your freshman year:

  1. Attend the Oxford Programs Informational Meeting (late Sept./early October) to learn the basics of the program.
  2. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hadaway to discuss your academic interests and to plan your academic training for the Tutorial Program.

In your sophomore year (or junior year if traveling to Oxford as a senior):

  1. After consultation with Oxford Programs Director during fall registration, schedule and take a practice tutorial in the spring semester.
  2. Fill out an Oxford Tutorial Program application. Due Feb. 1 of the year prior to desired study at Oxford.
  3. Interview with a faculty panel in late March or early April.  Submit an interview writing sample and the Regent’s Park College visiting student application at this time.
  4. Submit a final writing sample, two letters of recommendation (one from your Georgetown tutor), and an updated official transcript to the Director of Oxford Programs by the following deadlines:
    1. Michaelmas students (Oct. – Dec.):  May 15
    2. Hilary/Trinity students (Jan. – Jun.):  Sept. 15
  5. Submit a completed copy of the Participant Contract no later than two weeks after final acceptance by Regent’s Park College.


The Oxford Tutorial Program involves extremely challenging academic work.  Successful candidates will be expected to exhibit excellence (or promise of excellence) in analytical and interpretive skills, in critical thinking and writing, in articulacy in written and spoken presentations, and in creativity and original thinking.  Successful candidates will also typically enjoy independent learning and, ideally, love learning for its own sake.

Where deficiencies exist, successful candidates will spend the first two years at Georgetown (prior to application for the Tutorial Program) developing and honing these skills and attitudes towards learning.

  1. Minimum College GPA: 3.7
  2. Suggested ACT composite above 28.


The Oxford Honors Program Application