Salisbury CathedralThe BTh is the standard degree required for ordination in the United Kingdom.  As such it is similar to the  Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree common to most seminaries in the United States.  Different denominational bodies in the United States have different requirements for ordination, so it is always a good idea to determine through your own denominational organization whether or not the BTh will completely or partially fulfill those requirements.  We have surveyed some of the more familiar denominational organizations about this issue and their responses are collected here.  We will work with each student to make sure that the BTh degree from Oxford is a good vocational fit.

The General Structure of the Joint Degree Program

Students will spend three years doing course work at Georgetown College.  During the third year, students will apply for admittance to Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford for the BTh.  The BTh degree will be completed in three additional years.

The Three Years at Georgetown

The three years at Georgetown will be spent taking courses in three main categories:  general education requirements, a few religion requirements (including a summer field education experience), and either minor/second major credits or upper level elective credits.  Students will complete at least 96 hours of classes within those three categories.  View Curriculum to see the specific requirements for the Georgetown portion of the joint degree.

The Three Years at Regent’s Park Oxford

All BTh students focus on foundational studies during the first year with courses in Old and New Testament Scriptures, Christian Life and Thought, and Christian Witness and the Contemporary World.  The last two years will be spent taking more in-depth Biblical Studies courses, Doctrine and History courses (e.g., Christian History, Study of Theology, etc.), Practical Theology Courses (e.g., Christian Ethics, Mission and Ministry, Christian Worship, etc.), and a variety of other subjects (e.g., Christian Faith and Other Religions, Christian Faith and Philosophy, etc.).  The method of teaching at Oxford University is the tutorial.  Students are typical directed one on one by their “Tutors” (the name for teachers at Oxford University) rather than sitting in large lecture classes.  The educational experience is intense and transformative, and students are well trained for vocational ministry.

The Completion of the Georgetown BA in Religion

Once the BTh has been completed, the religion courses taken at Oxford will be transferred back to Georgetown to complete the BA degree in Religion.  Graduation from Georgetown will occur in the same term as the completion of the BTh at Oxford.

Costs of the Joint BA/BTh Program

The first four of the six years will be covered under your standard Georgetown College fees.  All scholarship monies and financial aid that has been awarded will be in place even during the first of the two years at Regent’s Park College, Oxford.  The final two years of the BTh, however, will be the full responsibility of each student fulfilling the requirements of the joint degree.  International student scholarships are available for study at Oxford University, and the Director of International Programs will gladly assist you in the search for these scholarships and in the application process.  Estimated fees for the final two years of study at Oxford will be provided upon request.