Application Timeline

Prior to your freshman year (if possible)

  1. Email Dr. Hadaway, Director of Oxford Programs, to express interest and to ask any questions you may have. (Optional)
  2. Apply and be accepted to Georgetown College.

No later than the end of your freshman year

  1. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hadaway to discuss your plans and to go over application procedures.
  2. Obtain and fill out an application for the Joint Degree Program. Submit, along with a formal writing sample, and a statement of purpose to the International Programs Office.
  3. Participate in an interview with the Director of Oxford Programs, a religion department representative, and other members of the Oxford Advisory Board.  Notification of acceptance or denial will be given within two weeks of the interview.

No later than the second semester of your second year

  1. Successfully complete a practice tutorial course at Georgetown College in Religion, Philosophy, or some other discipline which will help you prepare for theological study at Oxford. The Director of Oxford Programs will assist you in scheduling this practice tutorial.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the Director of Oxford Programs to evaluate your progress in the program and to obtain advising about whether to continue in the Joint Degree Program.

Sometime during your third year

  1. Interview for placement into the BTh.  A Regent’s Park College faculty member may be present for this interview.
  2. Submit a letter of evaluation from your Georgetown tutor and a formal writing sample to the Director of Oxford Programs no later than October 15.
  3. Complete a field education experience in Religion under the course title REL 360. (This can also be done in the second year, including summer).

NOTE: There is no separate application process for the specialized BA in Religion at Georgetown in preparation for the MTh at Regent’s Park College.  The student will simply inform the Director of Oxford Programs that he or she would like advising with respect to this program, and inform the religion department regarding participation. Learn more about making application directly to Regent’s Park College.

Qualifications for the Joint BA/BTh Degree

The work at both institutions in both degrees will present a significant academic challenge.  Successful candidates for the Joint BA/BTh Degree will be expected to exhibit excellence (or promise of excellence) in analytical and interpretive skills, in critical thinking and writing, in articulacy in written and spoken presentations, and in creativity and original thinking.  Successful candidates will also typically enjoy independent learning and love learning for its own sake.

Where deficiencies exist, successful candidates will spend the first two years at Georgetown developing and honing these skills and attitudes towards learning.  Finally, in light of the fact that the BTh is designed as a preparation for a vocation in the ministry, the student should be able to articulate clearly the reasons for interest in this program.

  1. Minimum College GPA: 3.3
  2. Suggested ACT composite above 28 (but the English and Social Science Reading sub-scores are the most significant)

NOTE: Qualifications for entrance to the MTh at Regent’s Park College are set exclusively by Regent’s Park.


Joint BA/BTh Degree in Religion Application