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chapel windowGeorgetown College takes great pride in its Christian heritage and the work it has done to prepare future ministers academically.┬áRegent’s Park College was founded, in part, to pursue a similar calling. Regent’s Park specializes in theology and philosophy with theology. This specialization affords those who are interested in theological education a series of special opportunities for extensive study through the partnership between Georgetown College and Regent’s Park.

Whether you are interested in an undergraduate degree in religion or post-graduate theological study or preparation for the ministry, there is a program for you.┬áPlease consult the following paragraphs for a brief overview of each program, and the embedded “Program Details” links in each paragraph will open pages which explain the programs in greater depth.

Dual BA/BTh Degree Program

This program allows students to spend three years at Georgetown College and three years at Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford.┬áAfter the six years, the student will have a BA in Religion from Georgetown and a BTh (a Bachelor of Theology) from Regent’s Park. In sum, the student will receive two undergraduate degrees, one granted solely by the University of Oxford, in a total of six years. The BTh degree is an undergraduate degree designed mainly for those who are interested in exploring theology in a practical, ministerial context. Read more.

BA in Religion in Preparation for the MTh at Oxford

This program allows students to participate in a specialized version of the general BA in religion degree at Georgetown College as a form of rigorous preparation for the admission requirements for the MTh (Master of Theology) degree at Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford. The MTh degree is not unlike a standard MDiv degree in the United States, and those who participate in this program at the University of Oxford would be well-trained for the Baptist or general Christian ministry in the United States or abroad. Read more.


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